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On one thirty Pennsauken west Deptford everything looking good and mass transit is on or close to schedule in the K. Y. W. twenty four hour traffic center I'm not complete after the third now the eyewitness weather five day forecast years CBS three meteorologists Tiffany Simona patchy fog will be possible this morning so watch out for reduced visibility as temperatures start off in the thirties and forties we're looking at another mild day we'll see a mix of sun and clouds of highs around fifty three partly to mostly cloudy overnight we drop to thirty five by Sunday morning Sunday morning we start off drive but then Sunday evening that's when the rain will push in and the rain will likely become steady Sunday night and through the day on Monday could be heavy at times we keep a mile on Monday has run fifty six then we dry things out just in time for new year's eve we'll see a mix of sun and clouds still mild highs around fifty one and it turns cooler as we head into new year's day with highs around forty two Bobby and thirty five degrees here at the broadcast center in spring garden it's thirty seven east oak lane thing up to forty eight with rain on the way at six thirty four it's among the deadliest times of the year to be on the road new year's eve and new year's day they would have the stomach ever reports planning ahead before celebrating could save lives are not accident they are preventable crashes three C. nobles a spokesperson for triple a middle landing during the Christmas and new year's in twenty eighteen there were two hundred and eighty five drunken driving related fatalities nationwide she says you can save lives by having a plan has a designated driver and by designated driver we need somebody that is not drinking any alcohol at all.

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