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Don't do it. You're fired. I see you're together. God, He's such a turtle. So nobody happy could give us your overview on this because obviously the Kentucky Michigan, Mr Connell took a turn on this. Yeah. No, not only look. The impeachment. Everybody understands is the president's done. He's going to be leaving the impeachment is surely political, purely vengeful. And it It's not gonna happen in terms of the conviction because the president is likely to be a private citizen before they can complete a trial in front of that they lose their jurisdiction when he becomes approach that was like, so why are there people talking about it like like a Joe Manchin? Who, by the way, I like you, a man because he's a centrist. But Joe Manchin said We could do this after Kate. Why would he say that? I don't understand what you know, First of all kind of people that have and why would they do something like that? Because we live in a lawless age where people ignore the rules ignore the Constitution and it could be. The Joe mentioned doesn't know what the fact is. The constitutional jurisdiction ends at the end of the president's term, You cannot convict them. Under impeachment. So actually, the second impeachment actually hurts. The first engagement makes him look Alex watered down or of the joke that itwas and the question of whether this is a high crime and misdemeanor constitution requires Used really resoundingly. No. Okay, not James, before we lose it before it gets out of here today, I've got to talk about the vaccine. So, look, you have a war operation warp speed that basically and people have to understand this. The science wasn't fast tracked. They just got to go to the front of the line. Do you understand? I mean, there's all these drugs trying to get approved And the reason there's such a long arduous process is two things. You got to take time to test it. You gotta You gotta have a peer review. But then again, there's 50 thousands of people in front of you. So the operation worked. Speed was basically taking The visor, the Madonna, the J and J and putting it in the front of the line, saying, Everybody else is backed up for a minute. We're gonna prove these first, and that's what the operation Marcie's it, can I. My big issue here is distribution so in states like California, New York Where you're hearing about. You know, they've got 175,000 doses, and they've only put out 17,000 doses. Uh, long story short. Isn't there gonna be some legal culpability there with respect to how much the states Blue and red have botched the distribution process of this vaccine. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, there could be because the approach the Trump administration had taken is to have it be locally distributed. You know, I actually not is concerned. About the distribution as I concerned about talk about mandatory vaccines, not feeling too so. So right now, like in the state of California, there's talk that you could mandatory. You could make it mandatory. Your employees take the vaccine That seems to me like you're on a slippery slope. There are two Jameses are as our chief legal analyst here. I mean, if if if you're working at Costco, Yeah, okay. And you're driving a forklift there? Yeah, okay. And you're in your hardworking guy, But you have a you have a systematic problem with vaccines. Whatever the reason. For Costco to say you have to do this or you're fired. Isn't that a huge opening for lawsuits? James? Well, yes, And there has to be exemptions there people of conscience. Do not want to take vaccines because it was derived using fetal tissue from aborted Children in many in many either derived or testing with those and so there are people of consciousness will take it. There are also people with medical conditions who are nervous about the possible side. So Those two categories. I believe if they don't given exemption, the employer will be sued and there will be a potential liability. I think when all this is over, though, when all this is over and you and you must be talking about this at some point in your asshole lot, Professor I think what all this is over everyone. There's gonna be fraught with lawsuits related to Kobe because they was ready. Shoot aim from the government. The very beginning, right? She did. Well, look, It's very suspect that just two days ago, the governor of New York who was very much like the governor of California closing down, everything did 180 degree turn says Now we have no we're going to open it. Exactly that I know of science. Where is that science? I think And I think that's the scale by James Thank you so much as usual. James Hirsen, our legal analysts.

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