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For all right my news is terrifying JFK the tense conversation between a pilot an air traffic control deadly storms ripping across the south who's getting hit hardest tonight and where the storms are headed next in some snow expected in parts of western Washington within the next twenty four hours then we head into the deep freeze whose dropping down in the twenties coming up ladies are you cold season is here and right now at Walgreens get select fix Michael decal sign it's include therapy products for only nine ninety nine each with card get in and out in minutes so you feel better faster Walgreens trusted since nineteen no one uses directed restrictions may apply see store for details elements are through January eighteenth who says you have to leave home to go on a great adventure discover new things about your family by hosting a YFU international exchange student visit YFU USA dot org or call eight hundred teenage to learn more and get started on your greatest journey yet would be crazy if you pack your bags and left he's cool life is calling how far will you go to find out more call one eight hundred four two four eight five eight zero or visit he's core dot gov winning it is not an emergency plan make sure your kids know what to do during an emergency call where to me what to pack search ready kids at NYC dot gov or call three one one a public service announcement brought to you by the New York City office of emergency management and the ad council this week find great deals at Walgreens right now buy one get one free on hundreds of select vitamins and supplements with card most others are buy one get one fifty percent off in stores and online plus select varieties of Ajax laundry detergent are only ninety nine cents with card deals on the everyday essentials you need right here at your neighborhood Walgreens Walgreens trusted since nineteen oh one while supplies last restrictions and exclusions apply see store for details dear John I'm leaving uncontrolled high blood pressure is serious and I can quit whenever I want what can we get back to when you checked on me I don't want to leave but remember when I quit.

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