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All right so you guys know him known for my ratchet last call so for mine the news broke this week because of tiffany haddish that somebody bit beyond saying face and then the reported that it was an eye late then who deny that it was her but if i did buy her it would have been a love bite like a kiss and then she put kip a lip on it which have everybody's saying but she denied it but then she would have been a loved by but then i think the reason why if i was an actress and about the cliff i was actress if sucks because of the story that tiffany told she went detail the state of beyond say said that bitch is on drugs she doesn't act like that normally webpages on drug that's what tiffany story says so if you are the actress i wouldn't wanna be societa with anyway because the white they said it was it was the way it was she doesn't act like that which means she crew from what we know so now late an inmate crew like that because if you know some i usually act like that then you know she doesn't usually act like that she don't be with them like that from what i what i gather i just i don't think it's are also tiffany could be jesse making po story somebody pirated here biter or maybe maybe maybe i don't know maybe it is maybe they kicked him a couple of bucks and be like we we got to put something maybe new song come out about biting and you know that's what they needed to do i can't was your last call community my last call picking going back to the whole the taymor and changing your yourself let's be mindful as people what we do and the words that we say to people in the damage that it can do saying something to someone or insinuating that they should change their appearance and change who they are because who they currently are isn't good enough for you that does longterm damage and that breaks people so if you are dating someone or if you with somebody and you want them to be somebody else or you like somebody else get the person that you really like if you like it looks on get that person instead of breaking down the one that you choosing to be.

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