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Designed to slow the spread of the Corona virus weren't followed. Ryan MAN NPR news Cleanup is underway in Louisiana, which is dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Delta. The state is still seeing heavy rains and gusty winds as what is left of the storm moves inland. Officials say aircraft are conducting search and rescue sweeps as Patrick Madden of member station W. W N O reports, hundreds of thousands are without power in Louisiana. Delta came ashore near Creole, Louisiana as a Category two storm. In fact, it struck less than 20 miles from where another major storm Hurricane Laura, made landfall just six weeks ago. That area of southwest Louisiana was still recovering from Laura and has now been battered again. Forecasters say Delta brought 100 mile per hour winds when it hit and dumped up to a foot of rain in some areas. Delta has weakened over land as it moves northeast, but many areas near its path could see heavy flooding and dangerous tropical storm force winds. Cording to the National Hurricane Center. Delta is the record time forthe named Storm to make landfall in Louisiana this hurricane season for NPR News on Patrick Madden in New Orleans. Nearly 12,000 workers from at least 18 states will help restore power to customers. This is NPR. Live from KTVT News. I'm Kate Wolf. The Alameda County Public Defender's office is suing federal immigration agencies to release a Salvadoran man who has won his immigration case twice but remains detained. Two years ago, Walter Crew Zavala served time for several D U I charge is and having a concealed firearm. A judge ruled that he should not be deported to El Salvador because he could face violent retaliation there. But he's been held.

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