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So this happened in arizona and was prosecuted by juan. Martinez she did receive the death penalty. There's a great episode of snapped about her. It's a really interesting case. And the defense. She put up at her. Trial was strange to say. The least i think you and your listeners would really enjoy this case especially since it involves one martinez and yes. She took the stand and was cross examined about her crazy story. I love your podcast. Thank you for taking the time to thoroughly research every episode so juan martinez he was the casey anthony prosecutor right. We saw him at crime cod. We did and also read his book. He's an interesting guy yes his none. She was convicted of murdering her terminally. Ill husband in two thousand. Her claim was that she was an abused spouse and she killed her husband and defense. This guy was on chemo. He had actually initially tried holistic therapy and his cancer for some reason or other didn't get any better run. Holistic therapy shocking. So he turned to chemo but he was pretty wasted and weakened. There's absolutely no way. He could be an abusive spouse. Says she just wasn't very patient not in a hurry. I guess so must have been money or something at the heart of it or just anger will watch the snap episode summer. His snapped is usually fun. Yes yes thank you. So much and next is a case suggestion from meghan. Your megan says. I don't drink. However i love this podcast. Well that's okay. you don't have to drink to love the pipe. We're not trying to push people to drink or you could be an alcoholic and love the podcast. Anybody she says. I know it's been done lots of times. But i'd be interested to hear your perspective in views on the west memphis. Three i thought she both covered the satanic panic thing well in dungeons and dragons murder and it really got me curious about what. Your thoughts are on west memphis three. I imagine you get loads of requests. But i just wanted to mention this at the very least. You're sending some positive feedback. Megan thank you. Meghan so yeah. Of course we're familiar with that case just about everybody is and it's one of those cases. I would like to cover at some point. But i always feel like if has that much coverage what are we really going to be able to add to it other than our opinions which if to take with a grain of salt or to or to grains sit too. Yeah yeah no that's correct. We have it on a little whiteboard over there. Is that on our list. It's been there for about two years. We have a long list though it fairness or suppose at some point we are going to do it because it was a fascinating case. Yes i think. It's the kind of case i'd like to do after having a week off so he can devote more time to it but then it really wouldn't be a week off. Would it would just be an extra week of resurgent extra week of research. Yeah which is okay but good recommendation. Megan i'm sure it's been recommended before. There have been probably a handful of cases. We've talked about that..

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