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Emergency response Caesar we are grateful had two witnesses representing these important efforts here this afternoon the honorable Karen Evans Assistant Secretary of Caesar and Mr one Taurus and a social laboratory director at the national renewable energy laboratory in co chair of red modernization lab court consortium welcome to both of you working at all modernizing our grip will require these important programs along with cooperation from many federal agencies states and industry I hope our witnesses I trust our witnesses can share their expertise and provide valuable insight on how Congress can best support these very collaborative efforts on things the German again for holding this hearing I look forward to a very productive and dare I say electrifying discussion Mister chairman I yield back comments are ring you work for of Texas the ranking member in the science and space and technology subcommittee it wouldn't be the first time that electricity was powered by a lot of hot air attacks or the lack had to include that for the ranking members granddaughter in the audience today we welcome her and I do think it is important to note the bipartisan nature of this discussion as it often is on this committee on these subjects Mister Weber I both her big supporters of nuclear energy in a sort of all the above type strategy so one thing that doesn't always break through the headlines but is a is a beacon of hope here in Washington some days so at this time I would like to introduce our witnesses the honorable Karen Evans is Assistant Secretary of the office of cyber security energy security and emergency response Caesar at the US department of energy before leading Caesar miss Evans was the national director of the U. S. cyber challenge a public private program designed to help address the skills gap in the cyber security field she also work for the George W. bush administration where she was an I. T. official at the office of management and budget and service the department of energy's chief information officer Mr one tour as is the associate laboratory director for energy systems integration at enroll in the co chair of the grid modernization laboratory consortium which is a partnership of fourteen national labs to advance modernization of the US power grid prior to joining and real Mister Torres held a variety of positions over the course of a twenty seven year long career at Sandia national lab where he worked on securing our energy infrastructure among other topics ms Kelly speaks Backman is the CEO of the energy stored association Kelly has been over twenty years working in energy and environmental issues in the public NGO and private sectors including United technologies son Addison and alliance to save energy she is a former commissioner of the Maryland public service commission where she also served as chair of the board of directors of the regional greenhouse gas initiative co vice chair of the N. A. R. U. C. committee on energy resources and the environment and a member of the E. P. R. I..

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