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Com slash klavan spelled clay to the va and there are no es in clave. Today is the anniversary of the boston tea party which is interesting because i've been thinking all week about the founders. I do this periods of transition personal transition but also you know The country's transit transition. I tried to get a bearing on. What exactly it is. We're we're fighting for because you can get messed up in the fight of the moment and forget the the big picture during the revolutionary war George washington one of the most virtuous men who ever lived virtue is the time being defined as the The sacrifice of your own interests to the public good One was virtuous men who ever lived but as he was started to see how the war was going and how congress wasn't funding armies and armies were drifting away. He wrote this letter to congress when he said with far. The greatest part of mankind interest is the governing principle and that almost every man is more or less under its influence motives of public. Virtue may for a time or in particular instances actuate men to the observance of conduct purely disinterested but they are not of themselves sufficient to produce perseverance conformity to the refined dictates and obligations of social. Duty is to remind you that everybody is out for his own. Interest is very rare that a person comes along who sacrifices his own interest to the common. Good it happens as he says as well as washing says at times but we have to depend on people to act on their interest. Most of the time and james madison the architect of the constitution understood this and he studied all the republican republics in history especially the greeks went back and looked at the greek city states looked at rome looked at why these countries failed and he came to the conclusion that they depended too much on public virtue. They depended on too much on people doing the right thing. And so he wanted to create a system of conflicts of interest and that's why he invented the federal system right. He what he said was in the old days they used to say. The republic has to be small. I'm going to use the fact that america is so big of course was smaller than still and he knew it was going to get bigger by taking all these states and putting them up against each other. That's why montana where there are. Three people living have two senators new york where there are a million people. living also have two senators. He wasn't an equally strong so they would have equal power when they were fighting out their interest and he felt the more people The more interest groups there were fighting the less likely we would be to Fall into tyranny and collapse and that's why conservatives are always trying to preserve the system and why leftists are always trying to destroy it because the what they hate is freedom and what we love is freedom. it's not one particular issue it's about freedom and it's the system that preserves the freedom and that's what we're always should be. We all should be trying to preserve. So i read to let me let me read to op. Eds were just little bit. Snippets of op-eds made that joke about joe biden. But this is a real thing that they're making a big fuss of this there. Some of them are just trying to intimidate the press shane. Don't you dare pick on. We're gonna come back with our identity politics and silence you again as we used to do and is trump stopped doing And you're gonna take it because you love us and you hate trump and you know you don't care about our freedoms at all so we're going to just letting you know that we're gonna make a big fuss about. You're not calling. Jill biden dr so they published in the wall street journal. Which was the center of this attack. A twitter thread by sarah. Parsons a professor sleep at to. This is a professor of archaeology at the university of alabama birmingham and a fellow at the john simon guggenheim foundation one of the most prestigious foundations in the country. And this is re twitter fee. I know everyone is angry. About what joseph epstein wrote about it yesterday in the wall street journal however the real aim for irish should be james. Toronto he is the editor of their op. Ed page is so far completely escaped accountability. That ends now james. Explain yourself when three thousand plus americans daily from kovic million suffer with food insecurity and addiction. Major sedition happening racism climate change. You give space to an angry old white misogynist to yell at our future first lady ray. Her education doctorate while i started a national conversation. You might argue yes. The conversation goes like this. F the wall street journal f joseph and f- their trash op. Ed pages. I hope you consider pulling the peace apologizing and committing to making the wall street journal op-ed page something people wanna read and also go f yourself professor of archaeology with the guggenheim foundation. She tweets living human garbage monster. Paul zhigo wall street journal head opinion. Editor doubled down on the dr. Jill biden opinion pace saying she is open to criticism a wall street journal writers. Are you cool with blatant sexism and misogyny and slander against women. That discussion should not take place. Now i want you to read you about something else. About a scholar named james flint. Who died jason. Riley wrote about him in the journal today. I recently read charles. Murray's book human diversity which is about the genetic differences between men and women the genetic differences between races and the genetic differences between people in different classes. And i didn't like the book very much. I usually find these about pop studies of genetics. They always confirm that genetics. Make us the way we are right this minute. I mean even not really a great science writer does this to it just generic. I mean what would happen if they came back to. Genetics shown that men and women are exactly alike. Then you'd know genetics garbage right. You just say that's not true. Men and women are not exactly alike. They're very different. So your your science is wrong. You know the science is wrong. I can see with my own eyes. So when they tell you. Like i basically felt where he goes out of his way to be to dodge political attacks to not say that he thinks that black people are dumb. That's that he goes out of his way to avoid saying that. But that's basically the undercurrent of the book and look. I'm not attacking the guys who are racist. I think he's he's falling what he thinks of the size. I think science has garbage and so there was this guy. James flynn who is skeptical of these kinds of findings and you know riley points out that the changes in iq over time and the changes of cuban people in different circumstances really just obliterate this idea that there one racist smarter than another permanently because of genetic things but listen to what this guy james flynn who recently died. Listen to how. He addressed the debate. He said i am happy to discuss. And this is a guy who believed that charles. Murray school was wrong. That black people are not Races or not stupider or smarter that these things are fluid. And it's obviously true. i. I think it's ridiculous and he said i am happy to discuss the in. Iq debate with colleagues hold contrary views telling someone that what they believe is morally remiss or telling them that if they persistent disagreeing i will expose them is not my style. That's the fight. Warren say this is the fight run. Were were not in a fight. You know there really are three sides. There's the left is the right. And then they're the people who want the system to continue because the system keeps us free want everybody to be able to argue and speak and not be silenced. I don't. I don't even want these guys who i think are kind of nazis. I don't want them silence. I want everybody to be able to speak. I've i've spoken up for alex jones when they knocked them off the air. You know. I think it's just wrong. I think we can. We can defeat these guys an open argument and comparing their ideas to ours. Freedom will win through freedom. I really truly believe that it has always been. The case is always the case that censorship just leads to more censorship. So this is why. This is why i actually sometimes defend that s right to speak. Not the what. They're saying. But i don't want them to silence us which is what they do. You know there's an interview in in glamour magazine with joe biden's twenty twenty campaign manager. Jen o'malley dillon. Who is now his perspective. Deputy chief of staff and she says she says. I think that compromise is a good thing as with love. The atmosphere in the world now is like. Oh if you compromise. You don't believe in something. No is i believe in it so much that i'm going to work to find a path. We can both go down together and then she says the president-elect able to connect with people over the sense of unity And she says in the primary people would mock him like you think you can work with republicans and then she says. I'm not saying they're not a bunch of efforts. Mitch mcconnell is terrible but this sense that you couldn't wish for that you couldn't wish for this. Bipartisan ideal rejected that so they're going to have unity with us mo- foes and they're you know they just hate us that much and this is why you know you get exchange. Will you get exchanges like this mitch. Mcconnell said this when the electoral college confirmed joe biden. Was the president-elect this mitch..

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