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Time nine forty nine seventy two degrees scattered clouds now in boston good morning i'm devil all our top stories were watching coming right up at the top of the hour fired fbi director james comey while gave his highly anticipated testimony therefore the senate intel egypt's committee he will give his take on contacts with the president some of which he says made him feel uneasy experts say the most damning stave any khamis written testimony that came out yesterday concerns the investigation into former national security advisor mike flynn comey says the president urged him to drop that investigation wbz political analyst jon callard talks about the one thing he took from reading call me statement what a disastrous move it was for president trump took fire colmey if colmey were still the fbi director he would be much more constrained again kombi is scheduled to testify this morning at ten o'clock we'll have his opening statement here on wbz radio oh amil have more with former deputy assistant director of the fbi skip brandon that's coming up in about five minutes and four separate shootings iraq's burien dorchester last night five people were hit by gunfire boston police commissioner bail evans says they do not believe the shootings are connected no arrests at last check in other news now now investigators returned to the home of brice fan last night he is the heberle teenager shot dead tuesday night after answering a knock at his front door police appear to remove a piece of evidence from underneath fans car wbz tv's michael across tells us friends and family members are stunned by the teens death his friends had been stopping by to remember the young man price was one of the real as kids i've ever met his best run still shocked he's gone great kid on this among never forget unhealthily my best friend.

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