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Jason you mentioned sherzer. So let's go there and my feeling is if surgery comes to the nfl west. Whichever team gets him the padres. The dodgers giants will win. The division needs that much of an impact pitcher now. He's thirty seven but he still in his prime He be a free agent. After the season there's a little money deferred that the new team would have to pick up. His agent is scott boras. He's talking about an extension but sir is making it clear that if he were to waive his no trade clause it would be to a west coast team bingo so I mean the dodgers really aren't the same without kershaw and that guy. Trevor bauer Who might never never pitch again in this league Or the other league for that matter and you know beyond walker bueller there. They might be a little thin and the padres have yu darvish but some other guys who've scuffled the so it seems like all three teams especially the dodgers and padres Maybe those certain extent the giants are in on starting pitchers so sherzer by just Change the balance of that division by showing up to one of these three cities but Susan do do you. I mean we talked about maybe not so much. I'm hitting side but the pitching side. How realistic is somebody like that. And their futures still the focus right with all these prospects coming up next year the the year after that would they give it a top dog away for two months of exercer- well i mean that you've kind of hit on one of the other reasons to do that. If nothing else it keeps them away from the other teams in the division. He is a difference maker. Yeah okay as the starter. He's going one out of every five games but his presence alone is going to give a big boost to a team. And i i mean he's he is absolutely the creamier clearer available regardless of position this trade deadline if he is indeed available or they're not just You know the nationals were like are we sellers buyers for a long time until they had the bad weekend so a little bit remains to be seen but If i'm the giants i am all in..

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