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Back here on sports talk. Mike in Mandeville. What's going on Mike, you're on WWL? So I'll listen to you Bobby last night talking about the timing of what's going on with the suspension now of. Approach. The thing. My sneaky, suspicions that Kentucky and Tennessee or the ones that kind of everybody wants to be able to win the championship. So maybe I'm crazy. But you know, what blueblood ones? The timing of this is is totally to me. Something that needs to be looked up because how long have they know about this story. They could known about this story for as long as I think they've been knowing why did they time it the way they did. And I think it's unfair. We willing LSU was forced into. So don't get me wrong. I mean. And LSU all the way. But I just think it's I think it's just wrong. Now, what's going to happen to these kids that have worked hard all you know, they're not going to have their coach to go into the whole being. So I don't know if anybody else feels that way. But I have a lot to do. With all those Epoca team were the one that we were hoping. So you think it's perhaps a conspiracy? I don't know if it's a conspiracy. But the timing. The timing is his it is what it is though. I mean, the timing doesn't matter as far as what what they have on. We'll wait and the bottom line is that that's what they have on. We'll wait, by the way. LSU baseball updates one one. Now Brock Mathis leads off the inning the bottom of the third with a leadoff triple and then a sacrifice fly from Giovanni Jacques Cousteau so LSU one cow one bottom of the third. That's good to know that. That was just a. I'm rolling. I'll have a conspiracy theory going on with with most things that I come across the galaxy. Wasn't laying. Felicity always. LSU deco teams. Wow. What what's going on? I don't I don't. I don't question the timing. I just I just I just don't. That's all. Get it. You know, they have. Now, let's spot. Ahead. So thank you very much. Keep listening. Thanks, man. Have a good weekend. We'll step away come back here and wrap this thing up headed off to the last lap. With Seth Dunlap. I'm sure he's going to be probably he wrote a really strong piece online hat wwLcom. She'll get to that during the eight o'clock hour as well. This is sports talk on WWL..

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