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I can tell you that I had a very close Encounter where I thought I was going to die. Um And you have all of those thoughts. Um Where you know, at the end of your life. She's saying that, as they say sometimes When you're About to die. You think you're about to die? Your entire life flashes before you and And she remembered her days dancing on the rooftop of the dorm and BU For the time when she was frightened by the garbage disposal. In her new apartment, or when she picked up her French bulldog puppy. If yelp of these men or just this a man just one man going, Where is she? Where is she? I start to look through the door hinge. To see if I can see anything. And there's like a door here and another door here, so I'm like, I'm like trying to look through due to door hinges. On. Do I look through this door hinge. And I see this white man in a black white man. White man. White man. He looked like my father. No, Maybe he didn't Maybe look different than your father. I'll say Then she says, we were all this is her tweet after after the story started circulating that she was in a different building than them where the protests or whatever you wanna call him were taking place. We were all on the Capitol complex. The attacks. The attack just wasn't on the dome. The bombs trump supporters planted surrounded our offices, too. Now This raises an interesting point. I don't believe they've identified who planted the bombs that they The last I saw they were putting out surveillance photos and they had no idea who planted the bombs. The bombs were also planted it at Republican National Committee headquarters as well as Democratic National Committee headquarters. So how? How is she jumping to the conclusion that Trump supporters planted the bombs? 844 542 42 people were trying to rush and infiltrate our office buildings. That's why we had to get evacuated in the first place. Did he not say that he was Capitol police on purpose. Did he lose himself in that moment? Did he make? Did he tell us? Did he not give us the extraction point.

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