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I don't know if you guys agree like the nomination that they gave the five bloods. I feel like it's more insulting to the film because it shows it the weakest part and not even that is shows. They saw the movie and they still didn't wanna nominate delroy or spike or the movie and anything else. So i felt like more of a slap in the face than the actual. You know getting zero nominations. But i'm i'm with elliot on that. No tenant is is blasphemous. Do you have anything on your end. Jc all dr. asha go the the snubbing of job. Jack officials script the fact that bank had the most nominations. But you don't need script. Is that was very shocking. Like i felt like that was a lot that was one of the few lots like regarding man's nominations no and then the I think the biggest takeaway before we move on the fact that i think the only two movies that can win best picture now because of the nominations is no mad land and promising young woman because they editing. Yeah they got the editing. They got the director they got the screenplay nam they got an acting non. I think it's gonna be one of those two and looking at the way the have gone if promising young woman wins it kind of mirrors. What they've done li like parasite moonlight shape of water. The o'connell monari minority. Yeah that's another one. Yeah minardi really really worked really really well. So we'll see what happens We still got a month ago. W. is tonight so we will find out who wins. Wj for original and doubted so And that's all the news. Let's get into a guys Let's talk about the snyder cut. I mean brokers david. Why don't why do i have to go. I know because we know. aa non. so i will. I got the screener on saturday night and burst another thing. Elliot can attest. I had a hard time getting this screener opened and it was a pain in the ass. It took me almost all day on sunday. I got a saturday night. Took all day on sunday to actually get to should so. I thought that was a sign of things to come but but no i tweeted right away. I i said for months upon months upon months upon years on this podcast if and on social media if it was good i would come out. I'll say i was wrong and i was wrong. This this movie's good very very very good. I think the movie does have certain problems. And we'll get into those problems in a little bit but my overall thoughts before as we start here it's It is if feels very much. And i told i wrote it in my review and i said it to comment twitter and two friends off the line like this feels like a lawrence of arabia. Lord of the rings epic like an old hollywood. But with superheroes it's these mythological turning these mythological heroes in creating this giant scope of a movie kudos snyder. it sucks. That needs to round so always get his perfect cut like with other moons. We're gonna talk about a little later but like this movie hits on every level. I thought it was outside of a few things. I thought it was a excellent film. Jc handed over to you. What are your thoughts Yes similar to remember. We up sentiment from the podcast. I had a feeling that it it could. Because i it was just the way the fan base talk to me..

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