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For him, apparently. He's Cosby. What? It looks violent to me. Willie is on assignment. Mister Godwin is on assignment. I have asked mister God, he has a mission that he's on, and I have asked him to do that today. In fact, he just contacted me his seconds ago, and said have a good show today. Maybe he could do an a capella version of circle city. The show by storm. Aces here, of course. Well, that's all that's all that matters. The legend is here. Yeah, I'm looking forward to having a great day today. I had a good luck coming up. What happened? Without going into too much detail. Oh, well, this will make a good story then. I had to go the long way into work, but I saw what I thought was a German Shepherd in the road. Yeah. It was a coyote. Oh, sure. A big one. Wow. Biggest one I've ever seen in the wild. I was a coyote. As you did, you'll back me up on this, seeing a coyote is good luck. Standard size. If you're American. No, they're not. Your Native American. Oh, wait a minute. We have one of the foremost experts. I know ace there. I've typically the size of a small dog. This one was gigantic. I honestly thought, oh look, there's no German Shepherd. I better stop and help. Because it was loose by the freeway. It was a coyote. So did you stop an album? No, he was fast, and he wanted to get out of there. But so that's a good sign. Hey, Willie. Hey there, pop. You got to get a driver. You know, you can do these coyotes, Edgar. Edwin, whatever his name is, the driver, you send him in there. We'll get you a driver that's also what coyote expert. I want to say thanks. I was watching some of the video you guys did. And even though the Super Bowl has happened, well worth watching. Some great stuff with you and Frank and kosaki, and my favorites. I'm going to be a little audio. My favorites was your conversation with the great Tony dungy. Yeah. And Tony Dungey has a terrific story about he had to miss his son's football game and then by the way, Willie was in the team. And so Peyton Manning and a bunch of guys from the colts go over to film it for him. And there's a punch line to it, which I will. There was so much fun, so cool talking to coach Dungey, it was great out there. Mister spangle from our staff has started to post a bunch more of stuff from your journey, so if you're looking for something to do at work, and unless you do like doing air traffic control or something seriously, you don't want to take a few minutes. Check out Willy and the boys in Phoenix and the Super Bowl pre game. A lot of fun, a bunch of a short videos will be getting some of the audio of that video on here for you. And now we have, oh, here's Josh. We now have a quorum. What is this casually Thursday coming when you want? Yeah. We didn't get the email? It's cool. Yeah. The thing is, Josh and I didn't talk about it, much like good jazz. It just kind of happened. Yeah. And we're all better off for it. We were laughing in the parking lot. How long you think were you staying out here? I do love those spontaneous days on the other day, I picked up my girls at school and Finn gets in the car and she's not wearing her uniform. And she goes, oh, we got a memo this morning. We could dress how we wanted today. Oh, that is exciting so there was sounds like sounds like a lie. Yeah.

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