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No full show tonight. Little Sanjay, would you rather? Johnny kielbasa with a fast food review big day though under the gold dome. It's called crossover day, low T, and I apologize. If Eric Erickson was talking about it. I'm sure he was as he left the studio, and brief mentioned brief mentioned this is a big day under the golden crossover day were bills get crossover, and there's a couple that are of major import to a lot of listeners out there. So joining us live from the state capital from channel two action news longtime buddy of the show. Richard elliott. Richard welcome to the program, buddy. Banks always a friend of the Mark Arum show. I just saw you rap. Puppy report on channel two action. News at six PM the headlines thus far on crossover day would be what my friend right now. The the Major Bill that has passed is the proposed state takeover. Hartsfield Jackson, Atlanta international airport. Some state lawmakers basically said they saw media reports about the allegations of corruption at the airport. And so they decided it was time for the state to step in and possibly take it over with its own governing authority as you might imagine. That is not sitting well with the city of Atlanta. I'd always always I always question, Richard. The fact that Hartsfield isn't even in the city of Atlanta, it's in Clayton county. How does how does the city of Atlanta run the airport not Clayton county anyway to begin with? I believe that part of of the airport is technically the city of Atlanta. Okay. Even though it is in Clayton county. Portions of the city of Atlanta are in DeKalb county. Gotcha got that. It's been that way since you know, mayor Hartsfield. The airfield opened down there right on top of the old town of rough and ready. I I go back a long way, I see that old town of rough and ready, which is approximately where you know, the runways are Richard Elliot joins us on crossover day from the Georgia state capitol. I'm assuming maybe I shouldn't assume that mostly Republican support for the state takeover of the airport. That is correct. I I wasn't in there for the actual vote. But it went pretty much down party lines. So this passes in the Senate, and then it crosses over to the house. What are we expecting the house to do with this? We don't know. We don't know how much support it's going to have a lot of metro Atlanta representatives are a little wary or you just replacing one oversight committee with that could where there could potentially be problems for another oversight committee where there could potentially be problems. So we're not sure exactly how much support this has has in the house. Richard Elliott from channel to joining us under the gold dome any word, you know, I'm not gonna say I'm very interested in this. But the casino Bill has the casino. Bill leff committee is it hasn't been voted on. What's the status with that? The casino Bill has left committee here. A couple of interesting things we thought that there was going to be a little more support for. I think the house speaker even said maybe it's time to let the voters vote. However, okay. The legislative process is deliberative and slow, and there are a lot of committees. You gotta go through. So before you get to the house of either chamber for vote you have to I go through what's called the rules committee. So it can be voted out of a committee. But then it has to go through rules, and that committee decides which bills make the floor to be voted on. And to our surprise yesterday. Casino gambling did not make it out of the rules Quebec. Wow. And even the bill's sponsor when they called on him. Representative Ron Stevens data savannah who is sponsored this for a couple of years now did not name his own Bill. So we're not sure what's going to happen. However at the same time, there's a rumor going around the capital that I heard just in the past fifteen minutes that it might impact come up for a vote tonight. So we'll see and this could be a long night, right, Richard. This is this isn't some that wraps up at six thirty pm. That is correct. You know, the last day of the session is called Sinai. But I always find that costs over day is a whole lot more busy Saini die because this is like the desperate attempt to get your Bill through one chamber or the other. So that it can keep going to Dr interesting. I listen if anything other big breaks, please give us a call back. I love to know the breaking news from down under the golden no problems there. He is Richard Elliot. You can watch him tonight on the channel two action. News night beat at eleven. Good news. If you want the airport to be taken over by the state, bad news. If you want casinos like me, and I'm sure traffic is bad news. It took me a long time to get to the station. Traffic every six.

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