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Made it so that it's it's not just a place to go and read but it's an interactive site. Can you talk a little bit about your thinking on that. And what you're hoping to get because Tell stories so they can say. I went to a david boies through my met. My wife there are still you know or they can talk about the meat again hale and went backstage and they can cover stories because each listings has the blonde on there where you can could cut your story. And when we go into the more info section of each thing gone trying to collect. The backstage passes the tickets the posters and photographs. Let's talk a bit about deer creek. Indianapolis is pretty conservative was pretty conservative city and i always had the impression i mean. Deer creek was a bit of a fight right to to get it built. The grateful dead coming was a bit of a fight to get them permission to have them here. Talk about how you navigate the political and personal situation state to get things done here any deer creek done. It took us three years. Who on the side became full. History was nineteen seventy eight gave. Joe is said. These ample theaters are doing pretty well. On the said he tried pine knob the huge business and so dana detroit in nineteen seventy eight. Look at on on. We were disappointed because we saw much would cost to build an amphitheater. A major undertaking and seventy eight. There's no way we could come up with seven or eight or ten million dollars to build a dam so we came back and we made a deal with the sports center and we started doing summer. Concert series at the art center. Did back food. Ten years. I think or gordon der happened and we started looking for. They'll and look the westfield. Indiana was our first location and we rezoning meetings and published means with the local people and in trying to build a waste treatment plant in the middle of shopping centers. Nobody wanted to near them. That.

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