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Michael and sons peting tune up for only $69. Traffic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks, back to Jack in our traffic center card delays remain in Virginia as you come three 95 southbound after duke street, you are on the brakes, headed through the Springfield interchange going south on to 95. That's where we have the truck crash, clean up single file left, we'll get by, but equipment also arrived, the outer loop of the beltway, that ramp to go south on 95, they are along the left side. So coming south on three 95 stay left, if you're on the outer loop of the beltway heading towards Springfield, stay right on that ramp. You'll find otherwise in Virginia still some slowing inner loop Braddock road to two 36, then again I've been Tyson's near route 7, headed to the toll road. 66 a bit slow, eastbound we were heavy manassas east into centerville, then a lot of brake lights near nutley headed toward the beltway. Georgetown pike it swing smell road. I think the broken down vehicle is eastbound traffic may be trying to get by. Hopefully there's some sort of direction. Edwards fairy roadies to battlefield Parkway, there you're under direction from a crash. All right, we've got a slowdown. It was unusual in Maryland. As you left the beltway out of green belt, we may have had a crash after NASA Goddard, the delay seems to ease now as you get north of greenbelt road, so maybe everything's cleared. Southbound is really slow, late, leaving 32, headed back down toward powder mill. 95 looked good between the beltways, but now a little last gasp heavy traffic southbound as you leave calverton going on to the inner loop of the beltway. Topside outer loop, you'll slow from just after 95 to Georgia avenue, then into the delay, riding through the big curve, you're slowing down past river road toward Virginia. The inner loop of the beltway in prince George's county before four 50 sounds like a crash, but then may already be out of the roadway. Two 70, still heavy out of urbana down to one O 9 with some slowing, moving into Germantown. Jack Taylor WTO P traffic. And that a storm team fours Mike stifford. But for a partly Sunday to mostly sunny sky today, our big weather issue, the wind, Winslow Gustavo for 40 miles an hour at times, our highest upper

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