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The threes year brought to us by odyssey cruises okay lorry thanks north of town a 93 northbound it's been messy from the tunnel up to spot pond we had some work out there i believe that work is being cleared but in in the mixed now we have a new disabled truck at sitting out there on the shoulder by sullivan square that's attracting even more attention so it's really just a mess leaving the city right now against right up to spot pond you're slow again right by 125 and then you fillon again from 133 up to one 10 now one twenty eight northbound is slow from before route two getting up to route 3 again thirty eight to twenty eight southbound still holed up from route one getting down path salem street and again right after route to now route one northbound jammed up sergeant street lindh street also expect a from the main street stretcher so getting into linfield downtown we had a crash inside the o'neill northbound right by the storrow drive exit looks like that's been cleared but the damage is certainly done that gontha back out onto the expressway northbound the lower deck is back to the college storrow inbound back the new it's tunnel the connector it's fallen both directions metro west the pike westbound a bit slow by newton corner again right by one 28 but otherwise you should be pretty good south of town 24 south are getting rid of a crash by one thirty nine a brand off that's going to back onto one eight three southbound has pockets from the split straight down into rockland and the expressway northbound fails and furnace brocton upon that southbound tunnel the south bathe in it again by the split next to portray 23 wbz's trap view things are as we warning as building business one that makes a positive impact in our community and in the lives of those who live here at low five there's nothing as rewarding as helping you build that business with a range of business banking solutions designed for every stage of your quotes real relationships build things that last visit real low five dot com to keep your business moving in the right direction.

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