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This's Karen from Boiling Springs, South Carolina. This is Officer Mark falling from beautiful Bradford County. New answer, and this is how we car shows. Eight for 4 542 42 were to make some calls. This our todays poll question is brought to you by Genesis 9 50 sending warm thoughts to all the cars after Mr Garner's passing Before you replace your carpets. Do the pet stains Pry Genesis 9 50 It breaks down the bonds of stains and odors from the carpet and patting order. Direct a genesis 9 50 dot com, Putting codeword Howie and get a free spray bottle and shipping. That's a $10 Savings. Taylor. What's the poll question one of the results thus far will the MLB end up having a world Siri's this year? No, I don't think so. I don't know if this were not up to a good start here, and they knew the newer season on located a zit is only 20% say there will be a world Siri's. I can't imagine it. Uh 844 542 42. Bruce from the mats. I've never shed a tear of sorrow watching your show until today. Many tears of laughter. The much prefer laughter but understand more than you know of your pain. Bruce has got a couple of cats and he knows what it's like, You know, it's It's tough, but you know again, we had a good waiter. Good with a good life together. Me and the gun. 844 542 42. No, there's a price to be paid for being woke. A zoo a network is discovering. Ratings for any network have plummeted since it cancel the hit reality. Police show Live P D on June 10th In the key demographics of adults, 18 to 49 25 to 50 for a ND suffered declines in the ratings of 55% and 53% respectfully. Respectively. I should say. The Ah, why P. D spawned several successful spinoff shows. And Like Live p d. Police patrol in life P D Presents p D cam. In some weeks, the live peed the universe accounted for more than 85% of a and he's daily programming. Last year, they made almost $300 million in advertising on the live P D shows. And in the first quarter of this year, the program sold $96 million in advertising, so they want him They want a pace to make almost $400 million from their live p D shows. And now Now they're gone now They're gone. Did you ever get a chance to watch any bills? No. Were they good? They were very good. I mean, there were some slow days. But the whole concept of it was very interesting. It was all live. They were following these live Please departments in real time responding to really calls it wasn't taped or edited like cops used to bay. Yeah, well, he said cops. Cops was also canceled last month. But cops had didn't have nearly as many viewers they had less than 500,000 Wasn't is thrilling because live p d was in essence live. Right? Yeah, And they say we've always reinvented ourselves in a way. We've done it before. The difference is this time, you know their third fashions and viewing and everything else are always changing. This was This was a suicide. This was programming suicide by a network to be woke, and they just they cut their own throats hard to feel sorry for him. 844 542 42 Genet You're next with Howie Carr. Go ahead, Jeanette. Hello, Howie. I just want you to know that I I'm from Maine. I feel your pain tremendously. I had to have my beautiful, smooth Kali, who was 15 years old, put down two weeks ago. I'm sorry, and she was my child and we were joined at the hip. So my condolences, sir, with you Hang in there. It's not quite so painful today, but it was two weeks ago today I had to put down God bless you in there. I know we're not both had our dogs for a long, long time, Jeannette, and it's but it is tough and I'll get over it. And and again. I'm so happy that she died in her sleep, and I didn't have to. I didn't have to make that decision that you're not that it's just It's It's really that that would be even more painful. Ah, I had a docks in for 16 years says to a one. God, I miss my shoes being chewed 561 I used to watch Live P d to check in on my family members. And, you know, I just I don't know. What do you replace? Something like that We were going to replace it with you know what you know? Portland Antifa. I don't think that will be quite as exciting live parks and rec up next rest room patrol. They used to have that in Boston. You know how we are. Bayview Collection is a small group of distinctive luxury boutique hotels, located in the beautiful coastal village of Camden made those properties include.

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