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Five seven dust as mark stein has the story on jingle bells if you can get some more on jingle bells thereof with mark stein a j o we haven't got time we'll take some more calls we come back and we'll get into the christmas parties i'm how we car the gop tax reform bill is released tim wise for wb sm news it's twenty six degrees and cloudy your forecast from abc six coming up the gop tax reform bill is out the massive 500page document was released on line cut the corporate income tax rate from 35 percent to twenty one percent married couples making less than seventy seven thousand dollars a year will pay about twelve percent of their income the richest couples will pay thirty seven percent of their income law fish law enforcement officials can count on the white house to be a true friend and loyal ally according to president trump today the fbi academies graduation ceremony trump said the president quote has your back he also condemned anti police sentiments in the us and said his administration will not stand for it new bedford city councillor at large brian going struck federal officials to task thursday night saying he's disappointed the city's federal delegation has not been more vocal in their support of local fishermen under the direction of northeast regional administrator john bullard no halted operations of the sector nine fishing group in november twenty two fishing vessels operate within the group with twenty of them belonging to carlos rafael who is serving nearly four years in federal prison for evading fishing quotas and smuggling cash gums labelled bullard decision as ruthless this three hundred fishermen and businesses that are going to suffer from one man's wrongdoing that i feel you should not be held against our entice city and i expect it off federal delegation where this falls into the hands with them they should be scream allowing and for the city and interact with colmes has he has not heard much from senators ed markey and elizabeth warren on the matter the council voted to draft a letter to bullard and the federal.

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