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Institute. More at N. J i t dot com and Jay, I don't come Let's take a look here. The markets in Asia lazy start to trading today, just looking at the Nikkei trading up about 2/10 of a percent. The asx 200 down about 2/10 of a percent. Zeeland is fighting the cost. Speed is the one mover today with gains of about 18 points that 6/10 of 1%. South Korea's unemployment rate surged to an 11 year high in December 4.6% that was quite a bit higher than the survey estimate. 4.1%, the number of employed plunged at the fastest rate in two decades in South Korea. A lot of this down too stringent covert 19 curbs. That have really put a lot of pressure on businesses. Now some news you can use three listed companies in China San kwon or sent Sancho one Food Angel East An E. Kovacs Robotics. They may move today after the firm said that they expect 2020 earnings to rise by at least 50%. Dollars weaker it weekend 6/10 of a percent in U. S trading. If you look at the Bloomberg dollars spot index it down another 10th of a percent now and Treasury yields pulling back from a 10 month high of 1.18% in the U. S session. Now at 1.11% in Tokyo oil 53 46 a barrel gold 18 58 announce. Let's get two news with Ed Baxter in San Francisco head, Brian. All right, Brian. Thank you Coming back to you. In just a second here, Donald Trump says Impeachment is causing great anger in the U. S. He says, by the way, he has no danger from the 25th.

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