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Morris with Andy bottoms and Ryan Phillips. We are finishing up our breakdown of durum. So I said that I had a comparison for how, and I think some of the comparisons in terms of how he plays. Those are pretty obvious. And we've talked about some of those before, you know, you can see a little bit of STAN Robinson in him. There's someone on Twitter that maybe he's a little bit like Remmy able and that's fine. Like all of those are fine comparisons. But as I was thinking about Allen preparation for this episode, one name kept kind of coming up and I was like, no, no, that's silly that can't be a real comparison, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense to me. So I wanna throw it out to you guys. And I know that in basketball you're not supposed to compare guys that are a different races and be guys that play different positions, but I'm going to do it anyway. And so the guy who kept coming to mind as I thought about how what he could contribute this year and kind of what his role can be in the program going forward. I thought a lot about Derek Elston and you know. You look at those two guys are the one was really highly ranked recruit. I'll was two hundred. Thirtieth Derek was one hundred thirty. Third, they both played good minutes. Freshman played forty, six point, five percent of the minutes. Derek played thirty seven point four percent of the minutes and they had some particular skills, alligood defender, good. Measurable for his position, you know, can attack off the dribble, that kind of thing. Derek was a good rebounder. Good defender, a good spot up shooter. What was interesting about Derek's career is you know he came in on that team. That wasn't very good. You know, with the recruiting class of Jordan holes and Christian Wofford and those guys played all those minutes and then his minutes decreased the rest of his time at you and he wasn't able to play on the the twenty thirteen team. But you talk to anybody that was around those teams and they talk about how important he was to rebuilding the culture of basketball. And now he's the director of player development under a coach. That isn't the guy who brought him to Indiana, but just a guy who loved being an Indiana Hoosier has continued to give his all to the program and is a really important member. Whose contributions, even when he was a player went way beyond what he did on the court. And I kind of think that's how could be, you know, he's a guy who just gobbled up his Indian offer when it came and has seemed just to love being a Hoosier ever since even though he's from Georgia isn't from Indiana, and I could see him being a guy as the talent goes up, who doesn't play as many minutes as he did as a freshman. But Andy, like you said, just like Elston did would come in and make big plays in big games. You know, winning plays that would help you win some of those important games. I could see owl being that guy being a steady ING influences younger, maybe more talented players come in, but a guy that shows you how Archie wants it done. That is kind of that bridge in terms of building the culture and hopefully once Archie gets built, he sustains it better than Tom crane did. But that's the name that kept coming to me as a guy who may be unheralded for what he does on the court. But who I think is really gonna mean a lot to the program terms of intangibles in terms of leadership, and because of..

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