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In horror as an acrobat fell to his death at a show in tampa the tragedy happening saturday night in tampa florida shocking carry the man who fell is yon are a veteran aerial straps specialists he was taken to a nearby hospital where he later died in the past decade searched had several onstage accidents including its first fatality in two thousand thirteen circuses as president said in a statement the entire company is devastated and they are investigating the cause behind this accident two men have been injured in the fourth bomb attack in austin texas austin police believe last night's detonation is linked to the three others that happened earlier this month two people have been killed so far from explosive devices left in public spaces police are warning local residents to stay away from packages that may have trip wires inside the fbi is now assisting texas state law enforcement agencies with that investigation the martha's vineyard ferry is out of service and undergoing inspection after it lost power and had to be towed back to the harbor in woods hole on saturday night steamship authority gm bob davis says the vessel reportedly lost power to the main engines around fifteen minutes into the trip currently vessel is at the dock we have the generators operating either doing dark trials the crew will be taking the vessel out to perform some sea trials with the vessel and then proceed to facility in what's whole at which point the coastguard will come on board and they'll investigate as well seventy eight passengers were on board at the time within a few hours they were towed safely back to woods hole harbor bbc news time six eleven time for us to head to the ace hticket dot.

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