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They did rallies, but the klu Klux Klan, wore hoods, and masks, and antifa, where's hoods and masks, and actually they they're being prosecuted in some southern states under some old anti Klan laws because he's people show up disguising their identity, and they attacked public figures. They attack campus speakers silence campus debates, they stop invited speakers from showing up at public universities. They they were the ones attacking Candice Owen who is black and Charlie Kirk who was white a bunch of white antifa. Protesters attacked them while they were having breakfast, accusing them of being white supremacists. And the two of them had to run out onto the street in Philadelphia to get protection from all black Philadelphia policeman from the white protesters calling them white supremacists. Are these? People literally so brain dead stupid that they honestly don't understand the irony of what we're talking about here that their tactics are those of the most fascistic movement of the last century and a half Hitler's brownshirts. Are they not aware of the irony here? Yeah. I I think they're not aware of it. And I think most Americans are not aware that the leaders of the Nazi movement or university students the next largest group were university professors. It was a movement a corrupted elites it was not just ordinary people off the street. It was corrupted elitists who had a utopian vision of remaking their country in a certain image that had to do with their own perverse ideology that they wanted to impose on the entire country. And anyone who disagree with them deserve to get beaten up in the street deserve to have his books burnt deserve to be silent. In the universities. So I'm indeed they even have a theoretical justification for what they're doing there. There's a theory called repressive tolerance. Repressive tolerance is something from the sixties new left were they said if you allow free speech and free debate that's wrong because that benefits those are historically privileged. No. You can't allow free speech and free debate. That's not fair. Will you need to do is suppress and silence. The speech of anyone who disagrees with you or anyone who doesn't agree with your so-called progressive platform. So they're they're ideologies openly to tell a terrier. About say to put it any better. That's right. That's right. That was Herbert Marcus Herbert Mark who's the so-called intellectual from Germany. He was from Germany, and he'd he'd seen the Nazis and action eighteen the communists in action. And he brought that to tell a -tarian worldview to America and tried to cast it as something progressives, the new left, which was what led the radical movements in the sixties and the radicals from the sixties are now the Middle East old fart professors that administrators on campuses all around the country. They their their methods are totalitarian their theory is to tell -tarian why should we not believe that the outcome would be to tell a -tarian. Well, sorta there is no reason not to believe it at all is that they're selling point. I must confess that. I haven't delve that deeply into what it is. They say since mostly what they say just tends to be the shout down other people. But but is there argument really with a straight face seriously? That if you allow us to use our totalitarian tactics of bullying and intimidation, we will promise some kind of of of nirvana of of the free societies. I mean, that's pretty remarkable. Even even Hitler didn't promise that he just promised. Remarked that there would be an efficient society, and and and a militaristic society. Mark Mark's promise utopia March. Yeah. But what they say is we are here to stop, racism and intolerance, but then they define racism and intolerance to mean, everything in America that existed until five minutes ago. Ever every situation in which there is a racially different outcome. Even if you can't show any racial intent, you know, if it happens that Asians, take more physics classes and get more computer jobs than say people from Micronesia. Well, that's racism because the result is racially not the same but numbers don't line up. So clearly, this is racist and white people are always racist because they benefit from some ingrained privilege and black people and Hispanic people cannot be racist. No matter what they do. A black person could be beating up shoes on the street and buy their Serey that's not racist because blacks are less privileged than juice. See the earth theory is completely unhinged for moral responsibility or individual rights. It's a completely Marxist theory where everybody is not an individual, not an immortal soul. They're part of a group. And they're part of a group in conflict with other groups, and we're part of a class struggle and a race struggle. And so I don't know how they explain one group of black people in Rwanda one tribe that the Hutus were slaughtering the Footsie's and denouncing them on the radio as insects and monkeys needed to be handed down and slaughtered that is not racist by their standards because those weren't privileged groups those weren't white males. And and and you see in the cavenaugh hearings. The fact that Cavanaugh is a white male people are actually saying people in positions of responsibility are saying we believe white males the past several hundred years. So so we need to believe her. Now, it has nothing to do with the facts of the situation they have they don't care whether or not this rape actually occurred or whether it was Cavanaugh or somebody who looked like him. They don't care. They have abandoned the Judeo Christian notion that individual responsibility. Matters that human rights matter to them. Everything is a group were on a tribal struggle. And they want to be part of the tribe that comes out on top. And then that way there are a lot like the Nazis. They are incredibly like the nuts again, these are quote self described anti fascists. Well, we'll take a call or two here. But I had realized that these people weren't the sharpest knives in the drawers. But I guess I hadn't fully realized how much how utterly brain dead vacuum. It'd stupid these people actually are doc in Wilmington, Delaware. Good evening. Thank you for taking my call. I have to ask you questions number one. Who who was training these people number two who researches researchers funding these people feel this wolf on is very well trained. They're all over the country. They're shutting down conservative speakers. All they're everywhere. As I look around me, very even our in our in our community here in Delaware. All right, fair enough two very good questions. All right. First of all. I would have to assume that at least some of their training comes from the. Paid faculty of our institutions of higher education in some case taxpayer paid faculty. So. Is that the case I think their ideology is reinforced by by the faculty and by the media, but I think they're actual in terms of actual training and actual funding. The money is coming from people. Like, George Soros. George Soros has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into radical left wing activism. He's tried to undermine the governments of a dozen countries. Right now, he's been his organizations have been kicked out of Hungary, his native land because they were trying to undermine the democratically elected government of that country. George Soros was found to be been spending more than half a million dollars on trying to make pope Francis is visit to America in two thousand sixteen into a campaign whistle-stop at the Democrats. George Soros is pouring money into Israel, bashing organizations Palestinian terrorist groups, radical Islamist, and the American groups left wing groups pro-abortion groups, and he is pouring money into anti. If you if you think back to Occupy Wall street remember that like five years ago. That was left wing labor unions, the government employees union, the biggest one was working with radical left wing anarchist and communist activists, and they are the ones who got Occupy Wall street going, and there there there's actually a film about it that that Andrew Breitbart made it was his last film. I think I think it was I I don't think it was called occupy unmasked so go on Google and find occupy unmasked, and it will show you how big money from international financiers who are committed to Marxism to the destruction of America of the state of Israel of Europe. How these these are supporting these radicals and paying their salaries a lot of the people at Occupy Wall street or earning salaries.

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