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Levi Tom is the smartest man I know He's been a professor at two major universities been a teacher for over 40 years One day he told me that he was having problems in his classes I think one of the students had asked the question and he didn't remember the answer I also noticed that he was letting his class out earlier than they were supposed to let out And he was telling them that he was doing it as a favor to them But I think in reality he just wanted to get out of there I was really starting to worry because I saw something is wrong Levi and I talked about how it would change our lives but he was there beside me at my love for him was just immense When something feels different it could be Alzheimer's now is the time to talk Visit ALC dot org slash our stories to learn more A message from the Alzheimer's association and the ad council And count on JCF to get aid to your charities We have a special grants fund as part of our endowment that allows JCF to make a $500,000 contribution to the UK acceleration of New York Ukraine emergency relief fund And I feel very proud of being able to do something like that To open a JCF fund visit JCF NY dot org or call 212-752-8277 that's 212-752-8277 Have you ever invested in a CD only to find that soon after Rates have gone up Well at Columbia bank we feel you shouldn't have to miss out Introducing our bump up CD now when you open up a CD you can take advantage of a special one time opportunity.

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