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Republican Senators air joining about 140 House Republicans objecting to the certifying of the electoral vote by a joint session of Congress, and they're demanding a special commission to investigate claims of voter fraud claims that have been rejected by courts and state legislatures and unproven by audits and recount. Senator Mitt Romney calls the effort by fellow Republicans a danger to democracy in a written statement Saturday night, saying partisans would inevitably demand the same anytime their candidate lost. Calling it a dangerous ploy. Republican Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse on social media, saying it's a case of ambitious politicians who think there's a quick way to tap into the president's populist base without doing real long term damage, Sass says they're wrong Quote Adults don't point a loaded gun at the heart of legitimate self government, and that's a B C's Chuck Sivertsen reporting three people in Cranston, Rhode Island, are arrested for assaulting police officers and running one of them over with an 80 B WBZ start. Colon Police in Cranston, Rhode Island, say about 30 people on motorcycles and a TVs were driving recklessly on Atwood Avenue just before four Friday afternoon, they say is one officer attempted to arrest one of the writers. He was surrounded by other drivers who circled in a threatening manner. One of the A. T. V S is alleged to have run over an officer's legs. Someone else is alleged to have smashed the police cruiser window. Several other officers suffered minor injuries chasing down suspects. The Boston Globe reporting that the injured officer was brought to Rhode Island Hospital. Police say his injuries did not appear to be serious under arrest 23 year old Cheyenne Boisvert of North Providence, 33. Year old Eduardo Rivera of Warwick. And 22 year old Kimani.

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