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Four is a disagreed the name is agreed to 15 year old drivers can drive with the cars. And I'm also pleased that motor sport UK have now taken the position that we can work together. We can come up with the championships can complement each other. And I really think we can do. I have to say, things it hasn't always been that way. If we've been brutally honest, you know, you've got some little bit in the background. I think a few people were surprised when UK announced they were going to be the promoter back in back in June. Of the British air four championship without it going out to tender. But anyway, nevertheless, that's happened, then they're clearly very motivated to make it work. I think it is a difficult position when you get and it's a rare one, frankly, and it's almost unprecedented in this country for the ASN, the regulator to also be a promoter, and of course it puts on big responsibility and pressure on them when they're in this situation. There shouldn't be a conflict of interest. When we launched GB four, the signs, the signs, you know, weren't that they were instantly supportive, shall we say? And we've had to work quite hard to make it clear that. This championship with the current cars is entitled. It's a logical name. It's a logical championship. It's a fair championship and one that should still have 15 year olds driving in it as you can now. We had to make a few points clear. The fact that the FIA had given a two year transition period anyway for the current gen one car that they will not be able to be used from 2024 onwards, but they can for next year in any market and 2023. And we also listened of course to make sure that we got feedback from the medical committee as a safety committee to make sure that the specific characteristics and challenges of 15 year old drivers and in single seaters are recognized and adopted. At which we were very clearly would have done anyway. But anyway, we have finally got there. And it's the right thing. And we look forward to cooperating too with motor sport UK. But what we really want to get back to, is if we could get even some way back to how things were single seater racing in the 80s, when we used to have when I started formula four, there were three formula Ford championships, you know, which is you can argue is a bit like F four level. They were all they were all operating, and there was the P and L and the town's interior and the VR D.C.. And they all recognize there's a degree of competition, but that was healthy because a bit of competition gave the drivers the opportunity to choose which championships they thought could serve them best. And that's important in any marketplace, whether or not whether you're choosing a single seed or championship, whether you're choosing a holiday or choosing which magazine divide or read about motor racing, you know, let's go on to, isn't it? You know, most of us are in that market of which circuit you want to race on, yeah. So yeah, so it was important that that will happen. But anyway, so where we're at now is I think by some way towards going back to having the UK being much more of a center for single seater racing. So BRD, C, I thought did a very good job in that. But if it wasn't for if British F three and us would just say us with British F three and GB three, you know, all you would have in single seater racing in this country is British air force starting at 300,000 pounds and you know it would be that's gonna have that would have had a major impact and I mean a major deterrent for the UK finding the next Lewis Hamilton's in the next George Russell's Lando norrises. You know, some would say some guy's gonna fold it, but an awful lot can't. And the other thing is with regard to age, I think, apart from driving the cars. Apart from the fact that current tattoos, you know, it's got an exemplary safety record. Yes, it hasn't got the halo on it, but this is a start. This is not a Formula One car a formula two. You know, it is a formula for with a 160 horsepower. So very modestly performing car. But it has got a whole raft of safety features that were part of the whole approval when it started to have 15 year old drivers. I mean they still exist started in prep protection. You know, the head protection has got wheel tethers. These have these are very strong cars. And in the 150,000 race laps that these tattoos F four cars have done has never been a serious injury. Now, of course, no guarantee there won't be. But the track record is there. And when you think for the alternative, if when you've got 60 year olds can actually, if you've got your national a license, you can jump in a 500 horsepower formula 5000 space frame car from the 70s and be running around park. And of course, we've got we've got a motorcycle racing which takes half of MSV track activity. You've got 12 year olds, 13 year olds, 14 year olds, racing motorcycles out there. And I think the other thing that's happened and I was tracking to Derek work about this is that it's actually turned out that 15 year olds have got a lot of ability and a lot of maturity these days and so and of course the teams are the teams of very proficient and things. So you can see from genetic juniors at 14 years old at some there's quite a lot of skill levels and emerging very young anyway. So overall we're really, we're really excited about where we're at with delighted we got there with the 15 year olds in GB four..

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