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And then kind of something that's enemy to said like get your out to everybody so why don't you're gonna be out eventually why don't you just do it now and i said well gary actually unmarried tool woman and then he looks like uh uh uh we just hilarious because he never loses who you know kind of a dominance in control of the conversation and she just responded uh uh uh that well that's green is seeing thing of your job um but uh i think i lost the point of the whole story which was um i'm so happy that both as those situations happen to how they did and that i was out for the entirety of my time it can be are because um one of the probably most meaningful things that happened to me over my time i was there for six years um just left this past january in addition to getting to go to super bowls and hang out with you and um you know learn amdro so much as a sports broadcaster was the impact that i wasn't trying to have but uh at least from the audience is response in emails and stuff managed to have on a lotta people you know i would get emails from people who would say i was really pissed off when you came out it oh you know for the first to use you there i was so pissed off every time you drop of my wife for you talk about your weekend and then some uh some how the anger kind of started to fade away and i started thinking wow this thing's that keeps talking about dealing with their wife over the weekend are kind of what i did with my wife and it's starting to make a lot more sense why you keep saying it's your normal and that's why you talk about it because it does some pretty normal um and then i would get emails from parents who would say.

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