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To five and on the pitch for the giants Rico Garcia we'll be facing the bottom part of the Padres orders here in the bottom of the eighth all of our S. hedges in regardless we are still doing the catching we could see last year it's a little bit with the Rockies and a Cup of coffee news now a giant turn make this club in the bullpen to make the call for this evening John Miller we want to remind you the giants spring training broadcasts are exclusively presented by dignity health the official healthcare provider of the San Francisco Giants Edward the only virus will lead off your for the Padres seven five San Diego out in front now the pitch and the fence rows in their for a called strike I see fastball I think that was not a fastball eighty four miles an hour what's called a slider this is a really soft option it didn't look like a fast great for a look at the gun I thought it was a fastball now the stretch and the PH swing in a pop up high in the air following.

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