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Police say he was shot and beaten with a large knife or machete may have been less there for several weeks twenty year old Victor Manuel for this and five teenagers ages seventeen and sixteen who have not been named or part of the dangerous international MS thirteen gang and have been robbing Hispanic men at gunpoint in lake worth two of those armed robberies were deadly Lanka. Ritze? Lopez was shot and killed Sunday evening inside the apartment. She shared with her boyfriend. According to court documents neighbors heard two people arguing and then. Allowed boom investigators say he called nine one one and then left they say he dropped their three month old daughter on a relative's porch. And he's been on the run is believed to be a member of the gang. MS thirteen who has bragged about killing people Friday in federal court, and it's thirteen gang member. Dare Garcia Miranda pled guilty to racketeering conspiracy. Including the murder of a twenty three year old man in Frederick, and that's thirteen gang. Members were rounded up this morning shortage in three murders sixteen year old Kayla Cuevas and her fifteen year old best friend Meesom Mickens, brutally beaten to death. Right. So that was obviously montage of victims of crime. How many times we had angel moms and dads on this program that lost their loved ones permanent separation as we call it. Nobody seems to really care Pelosi wouldn't even meet with angel moms and dads outside of our own office. Too. Busy doing what we don't know four mill if if in a two year period you have. Over four million homicides over thirty thousand violent sexual assaults against women over one hundred thousand violent assaults against other Americans by illegal immigrant criminals at what point denied not say. This is a problem. I know that Nancy Pelosi and company think the war wall is immoral and I know that you have Bego bozo. Complaining over the weekend about Donald Trump is on immigration is an arsonist who wants credit for putting out the fire. And I think the president very cleverly said, well, if you think this is such a good idea to take all these people that are are not Americans that don't respect our laws our sovereignty or borders, and we don't have opportunity to vet them the check their backgrounds. Their associations whether or not their intent is to be come a member of our family or their intent is something to fairus. Then. What are we gonna do ninety percent of heroin? Yeah. That comes right across the southern border. And now we have all on top of heroin. We have presidential candidate. Andrew Yang wants the decriminalize vetting all in heroin. How dumb is that really genius there? Joining us now Casey Diaz who was violent gangster. And by the way is crimes caught up to landing him not only in jail, but solitary confinement at the age of sixteen and he talks about his road back to becoming a a nonviolent citizen and somebody that contributes to societies written a book, it's called the shot caller Latino gang bangers miraculously escaped from a life of violence to a new life in Christ is the son of El Salvadorian immigrants, and it was brought to Los Angeles at the age to an abusive impoverished family life, propelled him at only eleven years of age into the Rockwood St. loco skiing, and he was willing to do anything to be number one. But years chasing. Rival gang members led to a dramatic ambush in an arrest by the LAPD. And that's when at sixteen it was sentenced to more than twelve years in solitary confinement at one of California's toughest prisons and as one of the states both violent offenders. You're in the the Rockwood St. loco Skaggs is that. Okay. Now, I know in Los Angeles have the crypts and the bloods and those wars have been going on. Did you battle them as well? Yeah. There's always a race war as well in particular with with Los Angeles Kings. Yeah, that's been in item for many years. Let's talk about some of the violent things you did. You started at eleven. How do you start becoming a gang banger at eleven? And that's the thing. You know, what people have that don't know the truth, and and how things work your recruited, very young. I mean, the gangs particularly look for young, you know, the members that that potential members that where there's no father involved with the mentors involved and go after I mean, that's that's the the brutal truth is that they will look for the vulnerable. And that's who they'll entice, and and you know, when you come from a low income city, and there's no father figure there's nothing that the streets become your family, and it's very easy to get enticed and walk into one. And what about like? I'm sure your parents like most immigrant parents. I know my grandparents had no money when they came here. And they ended up from Ireland tells island they had no money at all whatsoever. And so they're working fulltime. Did they know that you're hanging out with the wrong crowd? At that time, my mom, she worked very early in the morning four in the morning, and then she wouldn't get back until ten at night, and my father, he's a up Hollick and very abusive person to towards my mom, and and towards me, he would beat my, mama. I mean, almost I don't think I could ever remember one week where she was not beaten by him. So that was left to my own, you know, demise of very early in my life. Very little interaction with with parents. So basically, we're raised on the streets that pretty much. Yeah. And when did you first try drugs yourself drugs for me? I've tried here and there, but it wasn't my thing. It was a gang violence that really drove me to to to a life of crime. I it was just a tally of you know, you you have different kind of game members in every gang guys that what we call one of these, you know, they dress the part time to talk, and you pretty much they never do anything outside of, you know, little stuff like I don't wanna say little, but you know, burglaries and stuff that that's not looked at by the gang is important stuff. Then you have gang members that are wanting to top each other up, and you know, then then you're going into the very violent crimes robbery home invasion kidnappings on with the murder. So that's all exists in inside every gang. What are the worst things? You've done. Have you killed people? At sixteen was arrested for a murder of a rival gang member. I didn't ask if you arrested I asked if you kill people how many one person. Yeah. Okay. Tell us about it now old are you? Oh sixteen and I was in a a little hamburger joint in back in the eighties. You were able to you know, drive any strikes in the back of these trucks. And I was money my own business. Having a burger inside the joining was recognized by this game. They came in there a fight ensued. And I ran outside to where I had a stolen car, and I have been there in the guy. The first guy that came at me was the one that I ended up any life. And that's when you were then arrested by LAPD sentenced to more than twelve years in solitary confinement. What prison was it? State prison that that is a serious hard prison. Right. It is you know, my first meal was survive the hillside strangler now were you in solitary the whole twelve years. No, I was in solitary for three three years in some change. All right. So I have sixteen years old and you're in solitary confinement. And you've got, you know, twelve years total. I mean, you must be going out of your mind, and that sell, you know, you you when you're at that kind of level of of violence and in that kind of category. Inside. Again, you really don't you don't care. You don't you're very careless in life is very cheap. And you know, I it's almost like a game and a game that you're actually enjoying. That's that's the reality of it. So the the book goes into the story about the elderly woman who reaches out to you paid you visit and all of a sudden you began to quietly, I guess reflect and sort of like, a spiritual awakening I assume when you were in solitary confinement. It's cheap belong to a very small church, and they would come there once a once a month, and she just interacted with me she was very bolt. And just a strong lady. And she made it a point to tell me that you know, she's gonna pray for me. And that Jesus was gonna use me. And I don't I didn't have any religious background or never had opened a bible wasn't interested in any of that. So for me to hear that from her. It was just kind of strange to me, I thought she was, you know, had some loose marbles. And didn't know what she was doing. But you know, she knew exactly what she was doing. And she was praying and interceding for my life and and and had an encounter with Christ in my cell in in. That's all Terry. So what happened in which baby step down? My my gang leaders. They're Folsom prison. Isn't that a problem? If you step down or step out of a gang. Don't you? Then, you know, become a target. Absolutely. A hit was split on my life. A green light is what we call it because I stepped down, and they sent one of my very own game members to you know, to what what what we call taking out the trash, then you know, when you got to get rid of somebody in there, and they said one of my very own. And that was the the person the first person that actually led to Christ in there. And there was a few other gang members one founder of MS thirteen that was there. Let him in for two years. We went through some some pretty big persecution for stepping down from our leadership. So did it stop at some point that they remove the hit? What happened was there was a big giant prison right there after two years, and they they ended up on shipping all these inmates. This the Hispanic inmates out into other prisons, and I talk about that in my book, the shock collar of exactly in detail of what took place after that. And that's pretty much the beatings the stopped. Evangelism began in that. In that prison yard. Tell us about the experience. I mean, you had some that's not just this woman that kind of lit a spark in you something have been personally what happened. Again, I I didn't have any any of bible teacher anything like that. I just wasn't interested in that. But I won't go into fine-details rather have the reader read about a rebound in the shock collar. But it was one of those moments where decision has to be made whether you're going to continue in this lifestyle or God touched your heart. And something in a change has to be made a decision has to be made for me. That's what it was. And I I never had a prayer. Nobody ever taught me how to pray, but I had such an encounter in there with him to a new that I could never deny. And you know, I it just changed everything about my life. It's kind of like once the light goes on even if he wanted to turn it off. You can't exactly yes. That's a great way to put it. Yeah. Yeah. It's called the conscience. Now, how what other acts of violence wheel volved it? Many robberies many robberies. It was a lot of stabbings a lot of stabbed a lot of people. That was my preference. Yeah. I didn't like the drive by shootings. I thought they were very the impr-. You know, it was just kinda easy. And I just I just wasn't my thing. My thing was to run into. Rival territory and grab somebody in those my that was my thing. Yeah. All right. Well, we really wish you the best. I'm you know, I believe in redemption. I believe in it. I wish you the best case he deals that. I ov- everything works out for you. Thank you so much, Sean. Appreciate it. Thank you. God.

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