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Yeah isn't a band with tim casher from cursive it's seventeen and tim was like thirty something called commander venus also pretty good i like to ourself so cursive great dude yeah kinda rovers lear ex all his are always just like he put on that jacket it used to be yours i put on some pants they you still so be totally put on your bra that was definitely hung out with your father and he was never yours i can't i kissed your new boyfriend i totally get it that's kind of the subtext all on ninety nine hundred ninety seven your mind and then you left and now the only thing i can hug is an apple dude when you're alone hugging apple a big apple hugged new york we talked about this week bro that was oh yeah i guess we should just get into whatever we can keep shitting on brad is it's it's probably i think i think it's a good idea to move on from rage against the machine starts shitting on bright is what i say let them live let him live don't kill them let them live oh yeah you know just near death we fucked up connor let them live live i don't know man i think that i'm excited connor every episode now all right all right we're doing a french chef who killed himself in two thousand and three is name is it's freedom shift this great his name is burn bare now the loisy i think oh yeah yeah you know anyway it's good great guy who's like bam.

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