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And around the city today the mta is warning commuters headed to penn station on the long island railroad to expect delays and cancellations all morning due to attract condition outside of the east river tunnels meanwhile new york city transit is cross honoring tickets on the eu trainer jamaica q gardens in forest hills on the two and three at atlantic terminal and on the seven train at woodside some an and our trains are still bypassing eighth street nyu you right now due to fire department activity around yesterday's apartment building blaze and six e and f trains are also running with delays also the manhattan bound side of the brooklyn bridge is partially blocked due to police activity the new york state assembly has passed a bill extending may oral control of city schools but not without their own deals political reporter jimmy veal kind says legislators are used the mayor all control of new york city schools as a bargaining tool for their own legislation would what if you are treated mic everyone act rivera issued under the mix where we are now is that a film it was unclear whether there will be a massive agreement on a lot of issues or whether there will be a simple agreement on a few issues or there will be no action at all the bill now goes to the state senate and governor cuomo may extend the special session multiple times until lawmakers can agree on a deal after days of jury selection the federal securities fraud trial of former hedge funds ceo martin skrela's finally started in opening statements yesterday prosecutors accused the thirtyfouryearold of losing investors money through bad trades then looting of drug company for ten million dollars in a secret scheme to pay them back the defense attorney says shkreli is innocent and called his client a genius at making money we'll have a mix of sun and clouds today a little under breezy side highs around eighty one degrees right now seventy one degrees in central park wnyc hello and welcome to these after the bbc world service we all covered you lie from london by james menendez in just a moment will be heading to hong kong also a little exert.

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