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I'm not quite as quick to mute people on Twitter because maybe someone just had a bad morning or something. But I think it's very important to be extremely cautious. Because there's so much noise out there that honing in on the signal be very cautious about who you actually let into your mind to influence it. That's a very important thing, you need to guard your mind as well as you guard, your private keys, in my opinion. What projects are you looking at right now that you think are game changers. Coming into two thousand nineteen. Of course, bitcoin is always there. It's hanging out is the king is the dead. It's JoAnne schilling. It's not going anywhere. But what are some other things on traces radar with BIC? When of course, there's things like lightning network and member Wimbledon grin and stuff. But I got some Cemex in an air drop. You know, it has like a one and a half million dollar market cap. I mean this things on nobody's radar. I think it's kind of interesting, you know, that looks kind of fun dash interviewed Evan Duffield on bitcoin knowledge when dash was like three dollars. You know, I mean way back in the day. So dash has always been interesting to me. Of course, like understanding how to properly and securely like claim airdrops is all an and forks is is always on my radar because that's like free money. Right. But then once you get the forks or whatever it's like, oh, well, maybe you don't want to sell all of it. So that's why I've stayed around with Cemex because I've been looking at some of the stuff they've been doing, and I'm like, oh that looks like there's some interesting things happening there. So, you know, you don't wanna get chasing off in the weeds and spend all your time like out in the weeds and unproductive stuff. But I do think it's good to keep your eyes out and be looking at different projects. So I'd say those are the ones I'm kind of looking at and just really listeners dash is no at sixty four dollars at the time of this recording. So long way from three dollars. Yeah. Well, it went all the way to like fifteen hundred. So I mean, dashes totally totally imploded since the the big bubble 2017. But hey, that's kind of what happens, but I like I like the master node aspect because that's. An innovation when it comes to the cash flow statement with these crypto currencies. So I kind of I think that's an interesting. Interesting innovation, you know, which is because to me the cash flow statement in accounting is like the most important one and dash innovated on that. So when I go to look at like, these different projects, I want to look at projects where there's actually been innovation made. And then I want to see how plays out in a real world environment with money at risk, you know, and game theory, and all of this stuff and dashes stayed around. You know, so it looks like an interesting innovation and is proving itself and for the listeners to win a one if you want to know more about master knows we do have a master knows went to one. We have Ryan Taylor. Also, doing a one to one and dash and Ricardo spongy of minero also has a marijuana one on the podcast. So we'll check those out in our backlog. Trip to a one one has the SEO to be the first place. Somebody might be coming to when they're getting into the space. They might go. Crypto win a one. This isn't a this podcast and figure out the space figure out these different ideas, these ideologies, these terms, these people in the space investments or coins, what have you? If this was the first podcast. Somebody new getting into the space was listening to what would trace say to them figure out what private keys are and how to secure them. That's where the rubber meets the road in this industry. Like everybody wants your money. And so you got to figure out a way to protect those Toshi's..

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