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Representative of the fall in the winter. Thank you very much. We sincerely. Appreciate Randy survey. SU climatologists that again, I get back to we have had one hundred and twenty days this year over one hundred degrees. I have a little bit of perspective last year. We had one hundred nine. Two two years ago we had ninety nine, but he also said the record was one hundred and forty exactly so we're up a little bit of average. But we're not at the record yet. I guess would be one way to put it. So yes, it is hot. Yes. It is still hot. Yes. It's fall everywhere else. And yes, it's still feel summary does. Well, you know, what keep that in mind as the kids are picking out the Halloween, costumes, those plastic. Remember, it was like one hundred degrees on Halloween. I remember there have been years where the week of Halloween. We're still triple digits you can't dress like that. And where I grew up back east. I hated it. When my mom would make me put a jacket over my costume. I'm like because it was cold. We don't have that issue. Now. No one is waiting. No one's gonna get cold around Halloween here anymore. Hey, it was another. Frustrating difficult week for the Arizona Cardinals. Some some more questions added to the mix as they start off. Oh in three we're going to while the temperature might be hot. No one can argue. The cardinals are how will they change that cardinals sideline? Reporter Paul Calvi. See is going to be joining us next to talk a little bit about the cards and what happened on the field yesterday. He's right there standing next to the players. He knows we'll do that after Bob McClay checks in with our top stories..

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