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Wasn't in the world of sports. It started at least in the bay area here Friday night with an eighteen inning marathon for the San Francisco Giants that ended at one of the I don't know sort of the the most anti-climactic lamest quote walk off wins. You could get a force outfielders choice at the plate. And then he reviewed a show that the catcher pulled his foot and the giants and of walking it off in eighteen I've been on Saturday. You get another vintage Bumgarner performance most down the the Rockies to give the giants their first series win of the season. I forgot to mention Friday night, the sharks in a back and forth battle against the Vegas nights and have taken an one. And then last night, a brutal one for the shower a sort of got handed to them. But Sunday was the day. Man. Sunday was a special day didn't mention the warriors either Saturday nights sticking it to the clippers. But I think we were all expecting that. Even after a chippy performance from Los Angeles. And Pat Beverley we will get into all that. But. Everybody's attention. I think was Sunday afternoon Sunday morning at least early I got up a little bit early to catch. Some of the the final round of the masters before heading out to two weekends in the park. We were keeping an eye on it. There was on just about every television at the public house. And if you got up, and you were you were keeping an eye on Tiger Woods, you were rewarded with a historic moment. Not just in golf history. Not in Tiger Woods history. I think it all sports. I think watching this yesterday and watching tiger roar back. I was shocked absolutely shocked to find out. This was the first major he'd ever one when trailing heading into the final round. But that was just the way with tiger. If he had the lead on Saturday that was it when he was in his prime if he had the lead nobody was coming after him, and he was in a in a class of his own excited to hear Brian Murphy when he gets in six o'clock, but he's got to say about this because he was tweeting up a storm yesterday. And he was he had his finger on the pulse of this thing. He was covering golf back then into this is going to be a fun thing to talk about all day long. We've got plenty of. Sound for you to to play. But this is for me. This is why we're into sports I won't claim to be the biggest golf fan, but I do pay attention all the majors. We do our our tournament here. Shut out to Bonnie, Jill who won picking Tiger Woods to win the masters pool. But as far as as white is that we invest in sports. I I always talk about it's fun to invest in baseball for me because I think it's healthy for your soul to invest in something that you don't have any control over the can't you sort of give yourself to this team for six months, right? It's a different thing. I think with individual sports because the triumphant tribulations are are not attributed to the the the governing body of the league to some ownership group that decided to spend more money than another group. It's the strengthen the weaknesses of one man. And in our day and age today, where paulie MAC always makes this reference that we love to build people up, and then we love to tear them down. And that's sort of what we've seen in. In the public eye with Tiger Woods, not just in the last ten years or fifteen years of since the last time, he won a major since that thanksgiving evening, when he took the I mean, all that stuff is what comes to mind, and then the, you know, the the more recent DUI so there was a photo of him. On somebody's shirt with the mugshot, but you go even back further to win. This kid is three years old sinking putts on television. And we know all about the relationship with him and his dad you get the masters in nineteen Ninety-seven whereas dad wasn't supposed to make the trip because of a heart problem, and then he does and you get that famous photo of them hugging. He's coming off the eighteenth green. And then we got a sort of a full circle photo of it yesterday with tiger hug and his kid, which I thought was super cool off to the side by side photos going on. But to get to watch this athlete and to get to watch Tiger Woods from the time. He was a child from the time that he was the most dominant golfer that really because of probably media, and of course, Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer. But and Ben Hogan, but because of the. The attention that was given him because of the way television works nowadays. And you've got a camera on just about every hole, and you've got guys being followed her. I mean, you can just about everything you can you get tiger tracker on Twitter. You can follow everything as it happens in real time a relationship with these athletes as much different. So to watch tiger struggle with what he struggled with clearly there was a mental block there. I mean, we got to a point where we said, I know it's physical, and we know that he's having trouble walking. And he's having trouble standing, let alone plan golf having the back. Fusions activating, the gluts for all the jokes that were made for all the laughing. I've done personally this was one of the coolest things I've ever seen in a sporting event watching Tiger Woods put on that green jacket yesterday. The absolute raw emotion that he felt after he sent that put the scream into the air. He's a little bit older. He's got a little bit more. Dave, did you notice give a little bit of a gut to tiger? I'll tell you what I tend to like tiger with a gut, man. I saw it on on on Friday. I watched a little bit. And then on Saturday. I thought it looks a little. In the stomach there thought, it was awesome. And thought it was super cool. If you take a look at his last four majors to quote, medium impact. Brian momentum was building you're an idiot. Not to take tiger in the first pick of the draft. He said fomented had been building the last four majors back to the twenty eight hundred US open where he missed the cut twenty nine hundred British went six remember that? That's where Francesco Molinari got his first win that was a messy one of it. You won't like to under three under yet. Rory in the top five yet kept top five for what it's worth. This might have been one of the most competitive majors master's certainly of all time there were eleven players finish within three shots of the lead. All eleven finished. Ten shots are finished ten or better, which is the most investors history. I mean Francesco Molinari had a fifty four lead it like to lead into Sunday. I think was about fifty four holes at one point. He was on fire. He went fifty consecutive bogeyless holes. But yet him hold the part of the lead. You had Brooks kept can there. You had Patrick can't way at one point. I looked down. I'm sitting there next to Mardian. We're talking I don't know nineteen seventy Kansas City Royals, Freddie, partake or John. Maybe I don't know. We're talking. Something like that. I looked down at my screen. I had going, and they can't lays now got the leap that's kept. They were cracking jokes on him. And then Dustin Johnson made a push Xavier show flip. Of course was in it till the end and then Jason day even made a little bit of a run at the end. But you had all these names all these guys shuffling up at the top of the leaderboard, and Tiger Woods is the guy who came out on top six different. Golfers at one point held a share the lead yesterday. So some notes from from tiger win in his first masters since oh five is first major since. Oh, eight his first win and a major in which he was trailing entering the final round. He birdied three of his last six holes thirteen fifteen and sixteen and he birdied all three the same holes on Saturdays. Well, he did bogey the fourth and fifth holes. He said he's step to the side of his caddy. And they they had a conversation even want to repeal said to him. But he said he went to the bathroom. He took a breather. He kept repeating exactly what he he'd been told. And he said it's sort of locked him back in the next nine holes. He played four hundred golf. So this is one of the greatest comeback off. Maybe sports. History. They say Jack Nicklaus when he won his fifth. Major at first mass fifth masters at age forty six by the way, this makes tiger the second oldest to ever win a masters at age forty three. And then so so in in, you know, we take a step back and take a look at what's going on now. Fifteen majors Jack nNcholas back and play man, you're going after eighteen now, and I think he's going to soak this, and I'm I'm guessing this one feels a little bit different than any of the the the past masters or any of the past majors us one. You forget are you may remember last September. He won the tour championship and Eastlake also in Atlanta, and he spoke about that yesterday. So we've got tons of sound. It's it's a it's a nice gesture position of you know, that photo the side by side is the one I keep thinking that they were showing yesterday him hunted. His dad in ninety seven with the red mock turtleneck something about the Sunday read Dave some that about the Senator or the Monday read figuring out to have to win a US open on one leg chipping in from the the bunker man that was I was a hell of. Attorney to Rocco Mediate who he beat on on the Monday that US open anyway, Tiger Woods wins. His fifteenth major is fifth goal jacket. This is a special one that say a fun moment yesterday. We got plenty to talk about today in the leadoff spot. Great baseball. Great baseball cross baseball. Okay. Baseball from the giants. But they did win a series as Andy Baguley put it their offense is great what can function? We'll see as they head on the road to take on Stephen Strasburg and the Washington nationals and the pirates and the Blue Jays they keep hitting dinger's, or at least Kevin pillar does. And then Golden State Warriors back added tonight game to out at oracle arena. They have a one nothing lead over the clippers the sharks, though sharks. Not looking so hot man after after last night's lost Vegas. So we're going to get into some Tiger Woods stuff. We're gonna stay on this on this note for just a little bit. And we'll get into some of the warriors and the giants, but Tiger Woods, man. This is why we watch sports. It's why I watch sports if you missed it stick with us. We're going to recap and we've got. Plenty of sound for you. Get your tissue ready, man. Tiger Woods emotional Sunday afternoon at the masters. They even started early they started like four thirty AM. There.

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