Oregon, Bacon, Argonne discussed on Hugh Hewitt


Think him because of one word uh science um they can is it development on machiavelli that leads to the understanding it in the sense of modern science technology uh bacon the chief works or the new atlantis and then new oregon i'm nobody argonne i'm um he also wrote a utopian work um they can agree back ellie that we have to concentrate on the here and the now but he had something and that is what our people want in the here and the now uh they admire what are they love are they grateful for their heroes or are they grateful for the people who help them the him the release of man's estate he's uh is more an end bacon and bacon foresees a time in which there will be enormous energy poured into that uh and that we will have science bend it to the job but of discovering the greatest and deepest and most fundamental truth but of being serviceable more than fifteen sixty one he dies in sixteen twenty six to this makes him elizabethan let's right right their ended up going on it it you know the there's a firm it under way you know because quit in in if you look at uh if you go back and you look at the doctrines of of uh in puddles republic for example doing is something this in the end in a series of question and the account of the good life betis implicit not explicit but implicit in play those works is a good life is is is a as a life of arguments about the highest thing where that argument in you don't get a doctor near statement you get more of that in aristotle but not at plato well this is the opposite idea this is serviceability.

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