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So the Element is potassium certainly, and the song is we are the champions. We'll done on. All right here is one for you. Okay. And from micro chips, this bad lot is so handy kindy sandy and it's The name. H. B. O.. Only. Okay, I think the song is you're my best friend. Yeah. You got it and the element is then yes. Yeah. That's silicone which apparently is something very different different thing. My minority friends have told me many a time the threat silicon. Okay Kate. This is the last one it is for you. But. My Pamper Santeuil in the mix just to put this out ED. I gotta try eating little bit. Also. Rock. So Song as we will rock you. I think it's sodium chloride. Because it's salt. Yes, we're trying to get from say just sodium, but you are correct. We're GONNA give that to you sprinkle on your driveway definitely don't it's explosive not plain old sodium. If you put plain old soda on your driveway and custodian interacts with water lottery explosive. Mary how? Can I put on my driveway. Tim. Keller taste better. Just was perfect. Also feel shame draining away that shame is gone. It's covered with us that you guys you guys are champions. Champions of the world. Such a pleasure. It's so nice to reconnect with you and and reconnect with UK in this format.

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