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I mean i saw a tweet of yours all the way back in two thousand sixteen Talking about this you know it's been i guess like nine months. I guess since he brought attention to it on his social media accounts you know nine months on. How do you feel like do you think the media. It's a little different because of how he talked about it or i do think it caused a change. I think when we talk about football media is difficult because the the vast majority of those stories were front page stories Which were not written by germany's they were Certainly the sun stuff in the gun tattoo stuff and so on and so forth. some of it was Was done by football journalist but it was it was done by again. The vast majority tabloid websites where there was a very difficult ethos of needing to drive traffic and ryan sterling. I think and a couple of others became kind of collateral damage in that and unacceptable collateral damage in that and i think that they have taken a step back to say enough is enough and issues have taken him sterling speaking up. I'm very proud of him. Which sounds very odd thing. Say about someone. I've never met but i'm very proud of him that he did that. Because it would have been a lot easier to stay quiet and other people fight that battle but in doing so i think he made a genuine difference. I don't think we will see those kind of stories again. Partly because of him. Speaking out. Partly because i think a greater respect for football is in terms of their mental health and how we treat them as either robots or circus animals to perform for us whereas actually it's a lot harder for them than that nothing that has caused a change as well Whether or not they've changed because they felt practice changer because they wanted to hope it's the latter. I hope there was a recognition. Hang on we got this wrong. People got this wrong. Let's let's make mark change. Yeah i think. I think and hope that's happened The other thing that sterling spoke out about or suffered was was actually racist. And i think the other thing that the media needed to do in probably did. He's understand the connection between their stories which weren't explicitly racist but the way they could be interpreted and walked by those in the public who had an ax to grind on those issues. And i again. i hope. Improvements have been made that it will. I want you know. I think the regime sterling case does bring up some Important things that are going on right now which is kind of tribalism in football..

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