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Guests so because not everyone knows and we walked I walked about three quarters of a mile with my camera cases and then we walked up of valley so the key drivers. They're up there so we walk like a mile and a half snowy soft embankment and no cell service. There's no one around where okay we're waiting there and then after about forty five minutes these dudes on horseback come rolling up and the first thing they say is. We've got to be quick because we heard the plane. And i said to my illinois like playing these like the drone but it's cloudy i thought the drones consign their own they can see through everything and then my head goes to the kid in vegas and the container. That's like joe sergeant. I got a meeting over here with three horse-back and a guy with a belkin cases look like wherever you eaten a snickers. I get dropped. Take him out. And i'm like oh this maybe wasn't as friendly fire. So anyways i laid in the snow adam surge shooting and And and then one of the guys in saint. You wanna ride my horse. So was the biggest honor. And i went road and And you know they're humans they got families they've been there. I really got an education on afghanistan all the proxy wars. Then they haven't started in other words. Russia comes in china's on their borders. Iran is now sending in people. And we're about to pull are based on because if you guys pull it out. This place is going to be a mess. And i just was like you know we have so much people up in saudi arabia. I saw the middle east in a different way. You know i mean. They're the most loving giving people during ramadan. They're like we. Are you a car and like know. My family would go out to the bedouins. we would like we. We didn't stay in the camp. We were adventurous in these guys since the handler translate therapist like he seriously like ice. Well short the only person actually. Sharon sound literally Fist fist-bump in she got it. She's like that's amazing. Yeah listen like i want. To show the spectrum of horses Shows the kentucky derby job fairly unjustified horses and i'm like this is cute story out there fucking swimming around the taliban come on man the shark thing. I'll go anytime you want to go now. The taliban trip. I'm out i'm out now i get it. Not many people. Would i mean and you know that's the trip with me that my road x. Like when i. I mean how many people like. I'm gonna go sheets the taliban and a week later. You're approved to gauche. But that's sort of how my life is i manifest you know and i'm true believer. What's your head is what you think is what's going to be in your world and most people don't believe they can. Do you know whatever i mean. Listen i so what you did on a bike And you must have seen that and listen. I gotta say this. Just because i know everyone in your fucking sport was doing what you were doing. Everyone sorry now all know and appreciate that. Listen which 'cause you you you're an amazing that will right. I'm going to crush i. You could probably go out and start mountain biking or or surfing or whatever your this. I think like me like you're gonna you're gonna you're gonna you're gonna figure it out and do it right. I mean yeah. I look at. It was a yeah. I appreciate those complicated time. I didn't handle it. I i think that what you said. I think the statement. I think everybody but with half a brain knows that That that wasn't the problem the problem. Maybe they in the ones that don't have a half the brain than the. They got bigger problems but the olympics. There's never any in. Just watch these things and try and enjoy on but the truth is just on that. I mean i just didn't i wasn't equipped as a man to handle it handle That type of pressure and scrutiny in questioning. And i just didn't have. I didn't have those skills and it was at skills to fight like i i was born fighter. Raised fighter still a fighter in didn't work tired documentary. Yeah i mean it's like you know. He's going underwater. Because the fish. Like i was like fuck the pressure on your guys when you get to the level that you and i got a lot of friends here like i wouldn't want your that fame. If you freaking baby right well most of us do get paid dab. Yeah i get it but what you also as everything else. But anyways i was just like you know it's tigers you know. Everyone loves them. And we want americans we build people up so we can find them now. Yeah yeah that's right. That's right but but but but i will say america is the is the only place will they were reviewed to it ride and you and you in and you can evolve and learn. This is the only place where they allied. Come back i forgive you yeah. So that's i see that. In my life i mean all the people listening to this show. They all know the story they. They all had a moment their life or they're like you know what i don't know about this dude and so it is america and so we get to get to come back to the ship you've shot everybody seemingly. I mean if you go on your website you can. Website is sick. Website is like a one thousand it For those listening they can go and check it out five years. It's the who's who and not just like okay. We're gonna take a brad pitt's picture like a like sick pictures like like next level.

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