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Of scrim. We call it casino, right? Casino, all your cards are in. You're rolling the dice. Here we go. Casino was. What you're seeing now, and this is what I'm seeing even on the TV copy is teams are like, okay, wait a second. If we do that, Lamar is good enough to shred us in the passing game. So what we have to do is we still have to incorporate an extra guy around the line of scrimmage, but we have to do a creatively. And that will be fire zones that will be man blitz the dolphins bunch of man blitzes, but what we're going to make him do is one, we're not going to let him run as much as he normally would. And if he is going to pass, then we're going to change that look from, okay, he's used to one look, and then we're going to change that look. It's still a pressure. It's still a blitz or a dog, but it's not the same shell in the back end. And it might be as simple as when we played it off last week way hard inside technique technique this week. It might be, we're gonna jump the quick stuff one week in our playoff on the quick step the next week and flood it with a drop end or something. A lot of creative ways of doing it. Nobody really cares. But really what you're doing is taking the defined looks away from him. You see this in college football all the time when it hit throws for 400 yards rushes for a 150 Malik Cunningham at Louisville. And in the next week, it's not very good. Well, you change the look. He was really good at one thing one week, but then he goes in the next week and is totally different. But he's used to seeing the same look because you have 20 hours during the week and you're practicing only so much. And you're like, well, this team played it this way. So the next team is going to play it this way. Well, not if you're a good defense of staff, you're going to change those defined looks and make them think a little bit longer and take away what they do best. So it's that there's just this chess match that's going on in every defense coordinators evolving around the country because the offenses are evolving and I enjoy talking about this stuff because during the week of a game everybody just thinks what happened the last game is going to happen the next game and what you learn and if you're in this game long enough, this is very little carryover week to week. You have to recreate yourself every week and you have to make your team understand that they're recreating themselves because if you go in doing the same thing you did the week before and you're facing a good defensive staff, you're done. They're going to out coach you and your players are going to be crippled because they got prepared for one thing and they're going to see their thing. I'd like to dig in a little deeper on that because, you know, I understand some of the basic stuff like, look, man against a guy like Lamar all day is a disaster. Stop. Yeah. He's in a rush for a 180 yards. You're gonna be turned. Especially if you start sending people on deep routes, you could have the personnel that you respect enough depth wise. I know that there are certain times against zone and this is what I think is so tough about this position is you're never open in zone the way you think somebody's open because they're passing them off. It's almost the depth. You have to get depth behind or in front of the zones. Those times where you think you have some throwing lane at this level with how athletic everybody is. It's like just because somebody stops in between two defensive backs. They want you to make that throw. Because it's actually not there, right? So are there quarterbacks that you think other than the physical gifts of somebody like Lamar who can run, but from a passing standpoint, are there quarterbacks you're like, this guy sucks with zone. This guy's great with zone. Like were you more comfortable with zone or man? Because I think it's always one of those funny debates to have to think that you can kind of attack one guy specifically defensively. Yeah, so the best answer, and I don't want to call out quarterback. So I'll use some examples. But what about you? Let's start with you. Like, if you knew you had a heavy zone team versus a heavy man team, what was your week like? Well, it changes based on pass rush. If you have a great pass rush that you're going against, you want man because you can pick and stick. You can find your matchup and get the ball out. If you have zones and you have a great pass rush all of the bucks back in the day. Where they're going to rush for and play Tampa two or a flooded one height, three deep, now you having to get the ball quick and all these eyeballs are looking at you. Brian urlacher was a great example. They'd.

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