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Lot more than three or four second round picks even if you hit on for those guys so second round picks it makes sense for the colts because they've got their quarterback we know andrew lock has got the injury problems but they feel comfortable that he's coming back they'd got to build a team around him and this gives them a lot of flexibility and a couple of second round picks this year to help them in addition to the wrong to fill out some of those needs so it makes sense for both but if you're chasing a quarterback and you know i got asked this or why would they make a move now well again they obviously like three if they don't like three then they're making a huge risk that guy couldn't be there but they obviously in my mind like three and are comfortable with whoever they're going to get and they needed to kinda beat some other teams to the spot so to speak because there were some other teams like the bills like the dolphins perhaps the broncos at five there were interested in moving up so you know i think the price would have gotten even higher headed gotten closer to draft day and the culture definitely making the phone calls to try to move down because they can still get a they're not in the quarterback shopping business so moving down to six will still allow them to get pretty much the player that there were looking to get any way at three well they'd have to sweeten it a lot because obviously moving from three to six is different than moving in three to twelve it's gonna it would have cost a lot more for the bills to move up which is why they have twelve twenty one so they got two first round picks that they can offer.

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