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Does it ends an interesting way that I found satisfying and cool? I liked it. The fourth season is also this isn't like a huge spoiler. But, like, there's this character who the who the main character dates in the very first season and then that actor leaves the show and they can never get him back. And so in the fourth season, they just eventually solve the problem by recasting the actor and like having the character returned as this other actor and then they have to, like, Tele bunch of jokes about that. And it kind of works. It would've been really great if they'd had the original actor because he's so great. But the replacement guys also good. So. Thing about the fourth season that's really strange in funny. But the show itself breaks, the fourth wall in so many ways that they kind of just force it to work in a way that only that show could do so. Yeah, I enjoyed it. Yeah, I feel like I heard there was drama or something. I'm looking up as Amos Centeno Fontana who played Greg in the initial season who's amazing. I thought he was loved him as well. And really missed him when he left me, too. Yes. Hans and frozen. He's doing. He's got Broadway. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He's like sexually singing on the stage. And at the yeah he's doing the thing. But yeah settled for me. And what's the song where he's really, he's just like, whatever I don't care like it's like a grunge song talking to the was, like, so you got a baby who good for you. All songs super good. I could if I wanted to but could if a wanted to him being a slacker. For. But I kept going back and watching old videos of the previous actor because I was just every time I saw the actor imitating him, I would just be like you're almost there. But you're not quite at and then like to cleanse, my palate to go back and look up an old Gregg song. And be like, yeah. That's what he sounds like that's the guarantee it was really weird way to experience the season. But I know they were doing the best they could because they couldn't get this actor either drama reasons or. Drama reasons. I'll watch the rest at some point. Definitely because I really, really liked that show. Yeah. That I saw was the peak at you that exists does enjoyed this movie. It is not deep. It is not making any grand statements. All it is just a really fun movie. That has other live action Pokemon in it. And there are a lot of moments where like a live action. Poke him on, we'll be doing a thing, and you'll be like that's funny. Like squirrels like helping firefighters put out a fire and you'll see a bunch of squirrels, and you're like, yeah, screw on the news for putting out a fire..

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