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Rare 7 25 rob, I don't know if it's accurate to say a head spinning amount of NFL stuff going on, but my head's spinning a little bit. Hey man, I mean, we're all trying to just get through this, man. I mean, there's so much going on. We'll start here locally, though, the wizards out to a fast start against the lowly Detroit Pistons over at Capital One arena shooting 77% ten of 13 from the floor. They lead 21 to 14 roughly midway through the first quarter with kristaps porzingis leading the way. He's been hot in the first quarter of games this season 6 points Monte Morris also with 6 on three or four shooting. Meanwhile, the capital is no Alex Ovechkin, no sending Milano in New York tonight. They trail a rangers one nothing in the first period. In fact, they haven't even gotten a shot on goal yet. They found out shot 7 to nothing, midway through the first period. The commanders offered pro bowler Jeremy Reeves, a restricted free agent tender, he sticks around for another year, assuming he signs it, but they released veteran running back JD mckissick today, now I didn't even know about that when we were recorded today's D.C. sports title. I still offered a replacement for him. You can see what that is on WTO P dot com YouTube or wherever you get your podcasts, elsewhere in the NFC east, the cowboys acquiring stuff on Gilmore from Indianapolis for just a 5th round pick and the Giants got Darren Waller from Las Vegas for a third rounder. The quarterback market Taylor heinicke on the eve of his 30th birthday agreed to a two year deal in his native Atlanta, Andy Dalton, agreeing to a two year deal with the Carolina Panthers. Rob woodwork WTO sports. All right, rob still, I had to hear on WTO or getting the latest information on the downing of a U.S. drone by a Russian fighter jet over the Black Sea. 7

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