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At number six and it is Scott Dixon four five. as we watch that battle for fifth passion close to within a car like that some of these camera angles with this bright California sun chided the cars just the colors Automator just wash out yeah they would they really do and with all the sand around here makes it kind of difficult to distinguish the difference between a but the end to your point date since live under a ton of pressure right now from Simon Pagenaud. some a little bit of a gap now though through the carousel or for the course let's see if that pass it was back on the push the past here comes the straight away. he is plus four since we started saying rude she's picked up three spots. wish to get started on the fourteenth position he is already plus three cold that her with an advantage of about eight tenths of a second quarter number one I just did a fantastic job on an opening lap of holding off Scott Dixon those front to have gotten away just a little bit further back Simon Pagenaud still knocking on the door trying to get around James Hinchcliffe is only a couple weeks behind Josef Newgarden so it's honestly about a three car battle for the fourth position but passion always wearing out that will win James Hinchcliffe they make the right handed. number four recalling the bandages his withholds on the fifth front two or gaining some measure of separation Colton her with a lead of about nine tenths of a second over Scott Dixon Dixon has all but check out on Alexander Rossi however Alexander Rossi as not able yet to shake loose of Josef Newgarden the corkscrew comes Alexander Rossi he caressed her upper seventies got about three..

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