Anderson, Georgia, Alaska discussed on Anderson Cooper 360 - CNN: FBI tracked suspected Russian disinformation on election day, including false stories on Clinton; Is Russia targeting McMaster now?; Vacation critic takes time off


Good evening we begin tonight with the cnn exclusive new details unreported until now from the us counterintelligence battle against russia's tampering with the election not only did it go right up until the final vote was cast were also learning it went right up to the line when it comes to the first amendment the scene election night war room the adversary disinformation designed to influence voters apparently from russian sources sin as shimon procure peasant pamela brown have the scoop tonight they join us shimon for will tell us about how some members of the fbi these how they spent election day yes so anderson on election night counterintelligence analysts and investigators were huddled in a room at fbi headquarters here in washington dc on election day monitoring social media and what they could see was streams of fake news negative stories about being posted about hello hillary clinton some having to do with our health according to multiple sources they were able to identify suspected russian links to the accounts that appear to be pushing the fake stories anderson in pemba was was the epa working with the white house there was a coordinated effort anderson so we learned that that teams at the fbi homeland security in the office of the director of national intelligence we're holding these conference calls every three hours with a team at the situation room and the white house to discuss any problems possible problems and the big focus was whether the boat could be tampered with uh there were some some minor issues at popped up across the country and related to tampering of the vote from alaska the door georgia but there were no major incidents or disruptions of the vote the fbi has said and by the way the fbi declined to comment for this sanders and sean i mean obviously look this raises concerns that the fbi was monitoring what people were reading but.

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