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Given Ted Stott. The Buick would normally have outrun most of the vehicles that were pursuing it but every one of the cost windows had been shattered except the windshield and the front bumper had come loose into James under the axel two bullets square embedded in the backseat and one Toya was completely flat. In addition to the damage the robot soon realized that what basing another major problem having already driven the vehicle for a couple of hundred miles. The fuel tank was now close to empty. They reluctantly pood- IVA to the side of the road and hatched a plan to steal another driving in the opposite direction was a brand new. You also mobile that contained the Harris family who were returning to town after completing some last minute Christmas shopping ratliff stealing he. Santa sued waved frantically from the side of the road in the spirit of the season. The harrises pood- Iva when the Biko came to a stop ratliff arised the barrel of a gun at its passages and ordered them to surrender to Harris family did as though at towd exiting neck and running from the same and the rubbish piled loot and two hostages into the oldsmobile. Davis was badly injured and had pasta ad in the Buick. said the men carried idiom into their new getaway vehicle. When Hill went to turn on the ignition he realized casebook missing before escaping gaping with these family fourteen year? Old Woodrow Harris had snatched the case and stuff them into his pocket with the big carjack is noticing. None of the RUB is new. Had a hope wire brand new. Oldsmobile said I hastily returned to the Buick. They didn't have gone to carry Davis back to the original car and end believing he was near death. They took off without him. The three rubbers hoped there was enough gas remaining to allow them to intercept another passing vehicle. Cool Vigilante Group caught up and surrounded the abandoned oldsmobile. Discovering Louis Davis bleeding in the back. Say Office readies decided to call off. The police issued to tend to the traumatized Taras family and to place Davis under arrest. MHM Davis was taken to Fort Worth Hospital and placed by the window into grant blow room as crowds gathered to Gawk at him when he regained consciousness. The police demanded he revealed the names of his accomplices. Warning he would be put to death in the electric chair. Otherwise but Davis remained ain't toilet several armed citizens continued to chase after the buick prompting ratliff Helms Helms and hill to thrive roofing. Now's out the car window to puncture the tires of any vehicles following behind the three men then decided they would have a. I bet it changed on food and feed off into a pasture where they brought the car to a halt by a wall of Scrub Oak. CACTUS and Mesquite Day wooded tae-young hostages to carry a Satchel from the backseat which was so full and heavy digos struggled to lift it. They whispered to one another that. It might contain stolen gold when in actuality and held hundreds of rounds of ammunition as ratliff Helms until scrambled around the CAA. Aw Gathering everything they needed. They suddenly realized they had left their stolen loot including twelve thousand four hundred dollars in cash and one hundred and fifty thousand dollars insecurities in the backseat of the oldsmobile. With Davis ratliff balked at Laverne and demo made to get back into Buick into law on the floor with the hanes over. There is so that couldn't see which direction the three men fled into the scrub. He warned that he would shoot them if if they paid regardless. The girl snuck a glance and watched as the bloodied into limping. Santa disappeared into the naught with these two companions opinions. Three young citizens of the vigilante group came across the wrecked Buick and through. What's broken windows? They spotted four arrays hands. They lifted their guns. In anticipation only to hit the panic. Voices of Laverne and Demo may crying out for means gene so the car depair. What caring on the floor of the blood-soaked vehicle? That harbor did no physical injuries. That would take into the police station where Laverne revealed she had recognized saying as being Marshall ratliff she was held to Cape Her suspicions to herself. said that the offices had a better chance of trapping the fugitives yet. The room is started almost immediately after she returned time. Many residents enciso had known Marshall Ratliff. And we're not surprised to learn of his involvement in the crime authorities determined that the Buick had been install on from Wichita County and upon speaking to the local sheriff. They Zero Dean on Henry homes as being one of ratliff two accomplices that lodge on Christmas Eve the day. After the host the story of the Santa Claus Bank bank robbery hit the local papers in the neighboring town of baseball and journalists. The boys has described the incident as quote the most spectacular spectacular crime in the history of the southwest surpassing. Any in which billy the kid or the James Boys have figured the crime. I've had a profound impact on the local community especially its youngest members who left terrified by the idea that saint was capable of committing murder so when a man in a Santa Claus suit entered a crowded as lund church that same day. A collective gasp rose from the congregation and a young and boy asked in a tearful voice Santa. Why did you rub that bank? That evening Louis Davis Davis succumbed to his injuries and died. The Santa Claus Bank robbery had been his first and last brush with the law. The vigilantes who continued to seek out the nail fifteen thousand dollar bounty VAT to continue their hunt until the other three fugitives chiefs were brought to justice ratliff hill and Helms had spent the nod off the robbery in the thick scrub neither location where they had ditched the Buick so just came within a few hundred fate of their harding place but failed to fond the wanted men in the morning. They stole another car and headed in the opposite direction to the search parties managing to evade them for another day on Christmas Day. Members of the vigilante group took lookit break and headed high to join their families for the festivities the hunt resume don Christmas naught with the group now joined by journalists send reporters including Boyce House who had initially broken the story when sheriffs in surrounding towns heard that the fugitives might be heading in their direction. They assembled armed mobs to protect their communities by Monday December. Twenty six more than a thousand citizens since we're participating in the search ratliff hill and Helms crash their stolen vehicle near the small township of Putnam thirteen miles west of Cisco this guy there. They caught the attention of a father and his teenage son who were driving past in dodge and commandeered the vehicle Become with pain exhaustion and fear. The trio forced the teenager Carl Wiley to act as they drive up ordering his father out onto the road as called drive off his father. Pull data concealed pistol and shot at the car in an attempt to hit the assailants. Wants only to shoot his son in the arm. Carl attended to converse with these abductors who had fallen quiet due to their deteriorating. Hells when the dodgers guest tank was almost empty. Carl helped the tray. I find another appropriate car to steal. They settled on an old is pulling maintained Ford. That was start with plenty of petrol. Once they secured the vehicle they relate to call ratliff advised him and to seek medical attention for his arm and to make sure he told the authorities father had shot him and not then at this point ratliff hill and homes were under the impression that they kept true to their original plan. Binoche killing anyone. They didn't realize that Shave Benfit at dodge shortly shortly after the robbery or that is call AIG officer George. Carmichael was in hospital. Mortally injured colleague grade to tell the truth his including that the men had treated him fairly and bid them farewell and good lock at five. Am on December twenty seven. Carl walked into the Cisco Police Station and asked for Doctor. He told officers that the rubbers were heading towards Wichita falls and ratliff ratliff and hill were badly wounded. The full Ma. To the point of immobility he data the group would lost another twelve hours. The sheriff was unimpressed. That called didn't take the opportunity to kill the wakened bandits while they slept but as they had been good to him. The teenager didn't feel it would have pain fair ratliff hill and Helms penniless and considered rubbing store but deemed too risky. Helms was EGA but the state of his two accomplices meant they would have little energy to run away as they need the Brazos river the trail. Trey I'd each to the Ford and stocked up on firearms and ammunition before making their way on foot or occasionally hands in nays across an oilfield towards the woods by the river..

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