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The course to juniors and seniors during next year's spring semester eight others will offer the class during the twenty twenty one twenty two school year the schools planning to test the class have not been listed it's eleven forty five sports at fifteen and forty five brought to you by your local Honda dealer don't settle for less than a Honda Christiane is there any progress as far as restarting the NBA season sources tell Yahoo sports that commissioner Adam silver mentioned on a conference call yesterday that quote there will be a series of bad options on CBS sports H. Q. NBA insider bill writer talked about the hurdles involved in a potential suggested scenario where the league would resume in locations like Disney world and Las Vegas I think the biggest hurdle is going to be getting the buy in of the players in the Players Association before this conference call the player's associations executive director Michele Roberts who is widely respected by the players in the league office was not particularly excited about that idea the players not support of that notion ESPN's Adam Khwaja rouse ski writing yesterday that the league isn't planning to shut down or quarantine an entire team if one player tests positive silver says they would remove that player and keep playing although there could be a two day delay for testing coming up in a half hour running back Todd Gurley says to the LA rams his former team I'm Christiane WTP sports coming up after traffic and weather a latest frontline hero it's eleven forty six sheltering in place is not easy all of us are getting a bit of cabin fever but you know it's also a good time to focus on things you've been putting off like dealing with your E. D. look no one should be social distancing in the bedroom so if you're dealing with this measurements health is your answer metro men's health can help you with our proven state of the art technology and approach called focus compression wave therapy it's revolutionary as it actually helps rid your blood vessels of plaque and scar tissue and stimulates new stem cell growth there's no surgery no pain no downtime and.

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