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Oh, I suck dating with dean, Vanessa and Jarrett an iheartradio podcast. Hey, everybody welcome back to an all new episode of help. I suck at dating. My name is Jared. I'm joined by the beautiful Vanessa, Gamal Vanessa, are you out there? Howard? I hear you loud and clear. Thanks for joining us and back in studio this week. It's feels like it's been four years since this guy has been here. Holly more ladies and gentlemen. Dean on. Is I missed a lot of things while I was away. But this might be the one thing that I missed the most. Oh, we missed you every Tuesday afternoon. One pm coming in and seeing these beautiful faces in Burbank. Here we go what a time to be alive and then you so much for have you back. Thank you for allowing me to come back. Stop that your podcast. I'm just merely guest. Shut up, you build in Philadelphia. I feel like the podcast while I was away even getting better reviews on the I tunes store then when I was here, I was reading some of them. There was no roast. There were all my God. This podcast is drastically improved since team has left, never bring them back. So I mean, sorry guys, but here I am, please everybody wants back. We all love. You were also joined by eastern. Always that you wonderful man an in studio. We have a wonderful guest to start off our podcast. We have the wonderful Holly, Marin Holly, thank you so much for joining us. Thank you for having me on the show, please pleases our pleasure. So Holly, you know, talk about yourself when you have this fall coming out, would it kill you to put on some some lipstick, hopefully, but talk about that. Talk about your dating history talking about why you're here? Well, I when I found out the title of the show, I feel completely qualified to be here. I still suck. Right. I don't think I was thinking about it. Nobody for hundreds and hundreds of years has figured the stuff out and we're not gonna figure it out today, but it helps to talk about it helps. Right. Progress at the end of day is making progress, right? He steps, right. So my story is I've, I've got twenty years on you guys. I- you don't look a day over thirty on not talking about that. Wonderful. Thank you. Thank you. But I think there's a distinct difference about dating in your forties after you've been married before versus you guys, you know, you're ready to go to the alternate ext summer. Boy planning dates as we speak. Right. And you know, there's a big psychology of what happens when you stand in front of anybody that you've ever known your community in front of people, and you make fouls, and you commit to somebody and then it may or may not work. And what happens when you find yourself, you know, in your mid forties, and you know, fifty percent of marriages fail and you're, you're really in a in a tough place. I was devastated. I was grieving and and I really triggered an identity crisis. We'll you've been divorced twice. I've been divorced twice, so even my do over had failed. How tough was that? The second time, if you don't mind me asking brutal brutal and in an actually was what prompted me to write my book because I was in so much pain. I was actually writing trying to write novels, and I ended up just realizing I have to right through this pain. And I was sitting in a spa feeling sorry for myself, I had just broken. A boyfriend had dumped me that I had been dating and this was after the two divorces. Yes, yes. And I'm sitting in a spa and I come across this magazine article and it's written about a journalist who was widowed in her thirties, and she had waited, you know, the better part of her life to meet this love of her life. She gets pregnant, they they, you know, the ready to enjoy this baby in her husband is stricken by cancer and dies. Yeah. Well, right, like within a couple of months and and it's and it's horrible. And she crosses paths with the late comedian, Joan rivers and Joan rivers looks at her and says, would it kill you to put on some lipstick. Set up with a line, right?.

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