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Together visit high heart dot com slash small business today that's I heart dot com slash small business now here's your storm team ten forecast on Sunday we begin with temperatures in the upper fifties to near sixty degrees but also with a bright and sunny skies cooler overall on Sunday highs only reaching near seventy degrees and also much less humid the coolest night in the forecast to Sunday night and early Monday as temperatures will bottom out in the upper forties sunshine to start on Monday then increasing clouds that isolated chance for a shower in the afternoon I just on team Ted meteorologist Anthony McCarthy on his radio nine twenty and one of four seven FM media networks first news this weekend with your hopes Gordon geo even the experts don't know I'm Gordon deal with Jennifer sinco thanks for spending part of your weekend with us here's what's coming up this hour scientists are still trying to understand the new corona virus which causes the disease covert nineteen their frustration is the basic questions can't to be fully answered from the tech world three things that may result in a better post pandemic world including three D. printing an Illinois man has only been allowed to visit his pregnant wife in person once and she entered the hospital last month here the creative way you see holds date nights how to turn the dreaded household chores into moments.

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