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You have to first be visible people have to know who you are and to know what you do and then when you get visibility then you move to credibility and this is the piece that takes time usually. That's where people know who you are. They know what you do then. No you're good at it and once you get to credibility then and only then. Can you get the profitability. Where people know who you are. They know what to do. Or you're good at it and they're willing to pass you referrals now. This is not a sales process. This is a referral process. So a lot of people say to me vice it to them. Where are you with your clients. They'll saint woma profitability. Oh really so your clients give you referrals regularly. Oh well no. They don't do that. Well then you're not a profitability with your clients. You might be a profitability nece sales since but not in a referral sense. You're only profitability with your clients when your clients are referring you and so when you understand the bbc process then you know how to communicate more effectively with the people that you're talking to so if one of these leads guys if i was at profitability with that person because i was doing something with them and they reached out to me i'd respond but basically i was at a fourth phase that i haven't said yet and that's invisibility. I didn't know them. They didn't know me they're trying to pitch me. They're trying to work with me. As though i was at profitability worse. They want you to beat their sales of their salesforce right. Yeah we by the way. We call that. One of my books premature solicitation which. You don't wanna ask three times now especially after a martini So profitability. This is a fascinating concept. The way you're utilizing it in a way. If i got it right it's about your client. Who's already paying you becoming an asset to create more cash flow to refer people to yeah. Yeah and that's why many times it's your clients that are your best referral sources. They could be they should be. But it's not always the case. It might be strategic alliance partners where you're in a compatible non-competitive profession. I call those power teams or context fears where where they refer business to you. Refer business to them. You're an attorney. Many many attorneys have a like a a an accountant in their context. Fear or possibly or possibly a consultant. You know other professions that are made for referring each other effectively so let's go over the visibility credibility profitably. Let's just go over those one final time before we go to break and then folks. You're going to want to stay tuned because we have an incredible twenty four hour challenge for you and of course we have the conscious millionaire millionaire entrepreneur interview questions coming up after the break but visibility credibility profitability. How can you know with clear criteria where somebody is when you go. Oh well based on this. That's where i am with them. Yeah the truth isn't it's not my perception of the relationship it's fair perception of relation accounts and so it really involves having discussions with them. You know if you reach out to them and they say to you. I'm sorry remind me. How do we know each other. You're not even disability. Got it okay. Okay now if you reach out to them and you you ask them for a favor and they're like We gotta talk a little bit. Then you're not at credibility and if you start asking them for referrals then you know you're certainly if they say no then you're certainly not profitability..

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